Both Roadrunner AND Sundance are for sale

Two of the most iconic venues on the Parker Strip are both on the market. Roadrunner, a floating dock bar, restaurant and RV park, has been a fixture of Parker river fun for decades. And the legendary Sundance Saloon is for sale again after it was bought just last year, with investment partners reportedly wanting to go in different directions with the property.

Described as a “legendary, deeded, fee-simple commercial property on the Parker Strip,” Roadrunner has been a staple with both summer and winter crowds every year. The floating bar is the most well-known feature, but the property also includes a two-story building with upstairs venue, 217 feet of water frontage with a 100-foot sandy beach, and 37-space RV park behind it. There are 5 riverfront spaces, palapas, docks and boat parking.

The bar and restaurant business is leased to Jeff and Stephanie McCormack, who have been running it for the past 20 years. The McCormacks have been involved in Roadrunner for over 40 years. Jeff’s father bought it in the early 1980s, and its current owner took it over in 2008.

There is a “possible opportunity to keep [a lease arrangement] in place,” according to Sholl. The kitchen was recently moved off the dock in a $130,000 remodel. For new owners, even if they change nothing, the current business model will “not only pay for itself, it will bring you a nice monthly income,” Sholl said. “If you’d like to change it up, turn the RV sites into a tiny home village, manufactured homes, custom stick builds or a condo development.”

The famous river destination is currently listed for $6,679,000.

Sundance has a more complicated story beginning in the 1970s, with a period of many years when it was closed until, in 2014, the original owner Jim Shubin reopened it to show its potential to a buyer, and Norm Turley, a retired police officer from Long Beach and co-owner of a bar in Belmont Shore, bought it. Last year Turley sold it to some business partners who now wish to do different things with the property, according to reports.

The 1.5 acre property comes with a 18,000 square foot building, including bar, restaurant, stage, gathering areas, docks including outdoor stage and outdoor bar, dance floors, boat and waverunner slips and almost 300 feet of river frontage.

“The current investors have opened channels of communications with the county for potential condo conversion, hotel conversion, and mix use of either or, in conjunction with the bar,” Sholl said. This magnificent property has over 50,000 square feet of usable space, from docks, to balconies and patios, to the upstairs bar, downstairs bar, dock bar, main bar, the inside venue equipped with a stage for live shows and even a massive space in the back that could hold a couple hundred people. Weddings. Showers. Birthdays. The ultimate party venue. Parking for nearly 100 cars, upwards of 20 boats and a few dozen jet skis.”

The iconic venue is currently listed for sale for $4,795,000.


  1. Sundance is always for sale…

  2. Giulio Montalto let’s just buy one of these it will be fun

  3. I dont think either will get their asking price in this economy / market.

  4. Will they being floating next year ?? Will there be water in the river in the coming months and years ?

  5. Not the Revenue to support both these places Sundance most likely History !

  6. Keith Hoffman
    Let’s buy RR !

  7. Daniele Mana Montez Moran saw that….😟 talk of putting condos in

  8. Both so much fun. Hope they are able to revitalize them both.

  9. I wanted to reopen Badnochs but it’s on CRIT land and everything needs their approval.

  10. Brandon Kilgore , Branson Resort could turn one or the other into something very grand.

  11. Pirates built their own. For these prices follow Pirates and build new

  12. Steve George you need to buy these!

  13. On the mighty Colorado Stream.

  14. Morgan Burns a new family venture? 😂

  15. Amanda Philbrook Holyoak

  16. Joyce Pasco-Guy saw that

  17. Kristin Burns let’s do it! 😜

  18. Vickie Johnson oh how we miss it and wish it could be reopened!

  19. Brooke Anderson Walker we hung out there starting in the 70’s. Love the river

  20. Carmen Negan Both river bars!

  21. Gordis Diaz Lenny Diaz Cecilia Rodriguez

  22. Karen Rish Sosa you and Carl should buy RR!!!

  23. Tina Stipe Smith Ken Smith

  24. Tana Thomas-Rivas Ohhhh hell no! I’m a Fox’s girl 😂

  25. Karen Rish Sosa damn, it’s not for sale 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Janelle Wickizer Noble True!!

  27. Courtney Cardinale Maybe you and Stella should buy one of these😂 you’d be so cool-er🤣🤣

  28. Rick SchneiderJp Laws

  29. Shannon Nichole Smith 🥴

  30. Vickie Johnson one of the classics!

  31. Tanya Marie I think that’s why they’re selling now. With the now over populated area, recourses unable to sustain and drought, these docks will be dry in years to come.

  32. Brooke Anderson Walker best breakfast on the water!

  33. Amanda Philbrook Holyoak I’m in!

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  35. Vickie Johnson we loved Badnochs!

  36. Julie PD they are super fun!

  37. Roadrunners is great. Time to tear down Sundance

  38. Sundance was an AWSOME place but we went in there a year ago or so and it’s seen it’s day. It needs a lot of TLC and after being closed for so many years people have moved on. Be a nice spot for a home though.

  39. What ???? Already ?? Good grief !

  40. Maybe Jim and Nick will be back 🤣😂

  41. I put a down payment on it we will have it in our name by end of week. LOL

  42. Both overpriced IMO.

  43. Vickie Johnson I always loved their breakfast and my wife loved their hamburgers so we would take the boat down there just b/4 Noon and I would order breakfast and my wife would wait 10 minutes and she would order lunch, loved it!

  44. Nicole Elise Montalto do it!!! Someone needs to, may as well be you guys, right? 👍🏼

  45. Their glory days are behind them. Tear them down and build something new.

  46. Sarai Fajardo let’s buy it!! Haha

  47. Cecilia Rodriguez with my $2 i have in my pocket 😂

  48. Tana Thomas-Rivas this is crazyyy

  49. Vickie Johnson it would be so awesome to have Badnochs open again . So sad to see it just sit there empty.

  50. Let’s go Brandon!!!!

  51. Tana Thomas-Rivas right! You buy RR then I’ll go 😝

  52. Tyler Hall John Morris

  53. Parker Live

    Tamerah Sigler I think this is unlikely. The entire agricultural valley south of Parker is served by canal system, which relies on the current water elevation on the Parker Strip. It’s owned by the Colorado River Indian Tribes, who have senior rights to a certain amount of Colorado River water (higher priority in law than even the state of Nevada!). In other words, it’s not boating and jet skiing that will keep the elevation at its current level, it’s water law – prioritizing the tribal water rights which divert water just south of BlueWater Resort & Casino for agriculture. And the residents and visitors of the Parker Strip will get a secondary benefit from this, even as lake levels possibly decline elsewhere.

  54. I loved that place 💜

  55. The original floating Bar

  56. Wasn’t old enough to drink But

  57. Roman Torres get a bar 😂

  58. These two are lit lol

  59. Mom & dad would take us to the Roadrunner dock bar many times during the summers back in the “70s” us kids would get a free sodas for killing horseflys & mom & dad would get a free beer after we kill so many horseflys.
    Been to Sundance Saloon many a times as an adult it seems to me its just been one thing or other happening to it fires, bankruptcy, foreclosures, lack of interest. I do believe it’s just cursed but man did it drawed alot people to it a hen it was opened. I wonder if it will revert back Jim Stubin again? Is he even alive still? Vivian Wilson Chris Wilson Earl Grimes Wayne Oem Shanda Schleich Dave Morrison Danny Sullivan

  60. Kevin Willis let’s do this.

  61. David Levendusky you don’t drink at either.

  62. Audrey Stubblefield for 6,000,000 I’ll pass😂😂 but agree these places have been really good in the past

  63. Roman Torres I didn’t even see the price 😂

  64. Enjoyed cherry Bombs & Road Rapers at Roadrunner & got engaged at Sundance! Those were the early 90s!😍

  65. Adrienne Berryman see I told you I saw a for sale sign

  66. Marlena Baurmann Fredenburg roadrapers! I can still feel the hangover!

  67. I heard Foxes is for sale?

  68. Jason Clark let’s buy roadrunner

  69. Marlene Wickman I agree!

  70. Daniele Mana Montez Moran Kammie Adams Judy Morales Jones Let’s buy it lol Could be FUN

  71. Bishop Z. Baranowski you were right!

  72. Sellers are on some strong drugs with those prices. 😂😂

  73. Someone should buy both and build an underwater walkway between the two fine establishments and also create a system where you can get a Roadraper at Sundance and get a sun dancer at Roadrunner and also use crypto at both places.

  74. Adrienne Berryman you think it would be a gold mine

  75. John Albrecht here is your calling!!

  76. Ingrid Batterson, we’ll come and run it for you 😀😀😀

  77. Amber Crubaugh how do we buy either of these!? Hahaha

  78. Ronnie Henry better buy them both bro 😎

  79. Kerry Chadwick Both will be missed. I’ve heard talk about building condos. Possibly a better investment. The river crowd is not as large as it once was in the 70’s and 80’s. Many of this generation would rather sit on the couch and play video games then buy an old boat, fix it up and run it on the river. We grew up in a much better time! ☀️😎🚤🍻👙🥽

  80. Dawn Clark Burwell I’ll come bartend!!!!!

  81. Amanda McDowell I just need to cough up 6 million and it’ll be mine in no time 🥲😂

  82. Sarai Fajardo Lenny Diaz Gordis Diaz you guys are richer that me!! Haha I can trade in one of my dogs maybe haha jk jk

  83. Scott Wright whip out your checkbook!

  84. Greg Vrieling they were great!! I worked some big weekends behind the bar when it was “Showdown” saloon as well as the Jim and Nick era.

  85. Levi, which one should we buy???

  86. Jeremy Foti have you ever been to Parker? Stay up in Havasu my friend 🤣

  87. Jenn Burke ha that would be a 👎

  88. Misti Wilkinson Smith YES

  89. Dawn Clark Burwell we would have a blast 😀

  90. Ray Soliz Sundance is already sold

  91. Daniele Mana Montez Moran Yes we would!!! Have you seen a price? I like Roadrunner

  92. Bishop Z. Baranowski probably on weekends, holidays and events but it’s pretty slow out there during the week.

  93. Adrienne Berryman oh yeah I didn’t think about that

  94. Dawn Clark Burwell no not yet

  95. Paul D. Choi whaaaaaaaat

  96. Tina Salcido whaaaaaat lol

  97. Jeff Jensen the saloon is on Arizona side.

  98. Paul D. Choi sounds like we need to open our own business lol

  99. Greg Vrieling i heard they finally got paid “in full” …don’t think they’ll be back this time, unfortunately 🤷🏼‍♂️

  100. Kammie Adams WTH 🤦‍♀️

  101. Lindsay Linn Hightower Nancy Burges Hightower ☹️

  102. Didn’t Sundance sell for less than 1M a few years back? They certainly have not done 5M in improvements. Roadrunner seems like it’s much more reasonably priced.

  103. Pam Axe Parks crazy.

  104. What are they gonna do to the Road Runner😢?

  105. Sharon Harris let’s buy them! 😜😜

  106. Levi Christopher Smith Both…both is the correct answer! 😂

  107. Ray Soliz I’m in va loan!

  108. Linda Wright-fox I know it!!

  109. Dawn Clark Burwell only saw the price for Sundance so far ….4.7

  110. Dawn Clark Burwell I think you should all buy Roadrunner!!! We love their sippies!!! 😉

  111. There was a time in the 1970’s all the knobs in Sundance got shined.

  112. Nicole Elise Montalto I’m in. I prefer roadrunner for nostalgia reasons.

  113. i guess that old timer scott had monkey pox lol

  114. Kris Neumann that would be dangerous

  115. Casey-Kenny Ingram maybe if we gather all our pennies we could do it

  116. They were the best for breakfast

  117. It could be no one really wants businesses like those two, you can be successful with them, but you have to treat as your business, not your personal playground.
    If Jon Taffer of Paramount Networks “Bar Rescue” came out there to help them up, you have to be willing to follow his lead to be successful with them. He will tough on whoever owns these bars, but it’s to get you to be a better business owner in a bar. If one place is on CRIT land, then yes you pay taxes to the CRIT government too, besides La Paz County, State of Arizona, and federal taxes, No one gets out of paying taxes. Good luck whoever buys them as they will need to ran as successful businesses.

  118. Julie PD the guy that use to own J A Johnnie’s up on Riverside Dr just down from the VFW wanted to buy it.
    After talking to the Indians they wanted so much for the Lease and then on TOP of that, they wanted too much of the profits on top of the lease.
    He told them NO WAY and Walked Away

  119. I just read the other day that the asking price for the Roadrunner and RV park was 6.675 million dollars !!!!!

  120. Andrew Wilkins I know lol

  121. Pam Axe Parks that’s my Fav!!!

  122. Stacy O’Brien Wahl Mike Wahl how sad!!!

  123. John Baird Jim Shubin was the owner. Was with him at Fox’s this weekend. He’s alive and going strong but not buying it back.

  124. I banged more women there in the 70s the carters got pills

  125. Mark A. Volkoff Thanks Mark I knew I’d spelled his name wrong. I wouldn’t either like said earlier it’s plagued with problems better off clearing the property it’s worth more. It’s 25+plus years since I laid eyes on the old boy. Tell him I said hi he might remember me if tell him I’m Creamer Grimes nephew in the wheelchair.

  126. P.S. I also ran the Harbour Inn Motel.

  127. This is actually kinda frightening both are for

  128. Thad Nickoley Sundance is the only one structurally sound it would be great turned into a hotel

  129. Monica Baier I think u and bob should buy this haha!!!

  130. So many wonderful
    memories made in both these places over the years.

  131. 40k per month just to service the debt. Doesn’t include maintenance and employees. Don’t see that as a money maker.

  132. Good times and memories

  133. Jayna not really, the owner of the roadrunner wants to retire.

  134. Eugene Hernandez yeah you can hope that’s why. If you’re paying attention to what’s happening in our world, then you would see where I’m coming from. Simple answer “they wanna retire”

  135. Jayna well, if the owner is over 65 years old. That would be a solid case for wanting to retire.

  136. Alyssa Stockton Couste tell Aaron to buy Road Runner

  137. Amanda Willis Penny Broadhurst would be rad to own

  138. Janelle Wickizer Noble haha, thanks for the vote of confidence but neither is in my reach financially or in available time.

  139. Soon to be airbnb’s!

  140. Chuck Coates wouldn’t doubt it I think Sundance sold for like 4 million last time and it didn’t have an RV park attached

  141. Jerry Griffin Exactly, the article said that the Roadrunner had 271 feet of waterfront and that whoever buys it, they can Kick out the trailers in the RV park and have Prefabricated homes put on the sites and then sell them and then charge monthly rent.
    Just like Brandon’s has done to their RV park

  142. Christine Istad you could bring Chicago pizza 🍕 to AZ

  143. Just the beginning of the Joe Bama agenda..You will own nothing and be happy.

  144. Lori Conners-Clay @6million? Whoa

  145. Brooke Anderson Walker yep

  146. They have been for sale since they were built…

  147. Nick Cone We’ve always been better at standing in front of the bar, not behind it…😆

  148. Kyle Smidt yes! I tried bartending one year at the fair 🤦‍♀️

  149. Allison Dunmire roadrunner is always busy too isn’t it? I’ve never been to Sundance

  150. Abby Mickelson yes was poppin last time we were there.. I bought the shirt and

  151. Abby Mickelson never been to Sundance

  152. Allison Dunmire and it was busy when we were there too. I’m sure it will be busy when we go back this month

  153. Abby Mickelson Sundance is dead

  154. Abby Mickelson The roadrunner has great food! Biscuits & gravy and French fries are bomb! Lol

  155. Eugene Hernandez 55 🤷🏻‍♀️ wild guess ha! You’re missing the point entirely.

  156. Sure would be great if all of us river rats would form a partnership and buy these places and keep them forever as they are…

  157. Jayna Sundance sold a couple months ago, buyer put some money into and is trying to flip for a profit.

    Roadrunner the owners are old and want to retire.

    What exactly is the point you’re trying to make?

  158. What else is new. Surprised roadrunner was a decade and a half ago. When Tony burnt patty clearman for a mil.

  159. Parker Live , thanks for your report clarifying the issue a little.

  160. Theresa Murphy you should buy this.

  161. Krystina Gibbons want me to buy it?

  162. Dillon Wilson lmao 🤣 I mean not what I was saying but I wouldn’t complain I’ll help you out and be a bartender or stripper which ever is needed 😂😂

  163. Krystina Gibbons hell yea 🤣

  164. Lenae, let’s do it! 😝

  165. Theresa Murphy just $6.5M 🤷🏼‍♀️ no big deal

  166. Economy and water levels gotta them smart

  167. Jeromy Cullen Lauren Adams Angel Victoria Otis should we all get in on this??? Haha

  168. Like Panama City beach 🏖 it’s going to just family only policy

  169. John Latham Jr. Ill take roadrunner you buy Sundance. We will boat and meet in the middle.

  170. Lenae Meese I’ll swing by the bank on my way home 😉

  171. Peter meter at Sundance should come with it.

  172. In the Middle? See you at Fox’s 👈✊🏁

  173. Christa Elise let’s do it

  174. Jeff Wilson 11 mil for the two… chump change 🤣

  175. Richard Devault ugh! Give me a couple weeks to save

  176. Lucy Lane SOOO DOWN! I begged my dad and uncle haha

  177. Tina PierceI wish we could buy it

  178. Caitlyn Morton and Sundance!

  179. Are they open at least?

  180. Lindsey Verdi Bennett

  181. Tina Pierce Oh the shit we used to do at the Sundance in the 90s…

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