Teen suffers major injury, deputies search for missing child, over holiday weekend

A teen was transported to hospital with a major injury on Sunday after being hit by a boat propeller at Roadrunner on the Parker Strip. Later the same day, deputies searched for a possible missing child, though nobody was reporting missing.

On Sunday around noon, deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s Colorado River Station Marine Enforcement Unit responded to the report of a major injury boat collision at the Roadrunner floating dock bar on the Parker Strip. During the investigation, it was discovered a 17-year-old male victim sustained major trauma to the lower extremities when he was struck by a boat’s propeller, as the boat was backing away from the shoreline.

The victim was transported by a San Bernardino County Air Rescue helicopter to a Phoenix trauma center and is listed in stable condition. Alcohol was not a factor in the accident.

Later the same day at around 9:30 pm, deputies responded to a reported child swimming under a dock, and possibly missing in the water at the Riverland Resort on the Parker Strip. Marine Enforcement and patrol deputies responded to the scene and began an immediate search. Divers searched underwater and a patrol helicopter was called to search the river and shoreline. After an extensive search of the area, no one was found in the water and there were no reports of a missing person.

“While boating or swimming in the Colorado River remember to keep a safe lookout for those in the water and always wear a lifejacket,” said the Sheriff’s Department. “It can take seconds for someone to disappear below the surface.”


  1. Baby drowned in Blythe

  2. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. Victoria Ortiz Clark dam 🙏🏼

  4. The teen hit at Roadrunner was Clarence’s neighbor Andy’s(the rich guy who owns half of Clarence’s house) nephew.
    Totally innocent jumped of dock and boat leaving reversed into him. Alcohol not a factor. They took him to hospital with propeller still impaled in his leg. Ugh 😩

  5. Why doesn’t the media pages report the Full story of what actually happened, and the swift actions of the people around the situation that save the boys life. Is it because the boat operator was sober and does not fit the narrative Of the media?

  6. I agree Ryan Brunskill quick thinking and actions by the SOBER boat driver saved his life

  7. Parker Live

    Such needless paranoia. The answer in this case is simple: these were the details law enforcement provided. Further details may be reported but take time. By the way the article includes the fact that the driver was sober.

  8. Marilyn Capel agreed.

  9. Ryan Brunskill so what really happened? Sounds like some Earth Angels helped this young man out!

  10. Xenia Huereca was this where you were at

  11. Since this happened on the AZ side of the river, La Paz Sheriffs not involved at all? Buckskin Fire not involved at all? AMR not involved at all? Self serving press release provided by SBC SO.

  12. Sorry, forgot to add…

    The “word” is that neither La Paz SO nor Buckskin Fire were notified that a (SBCSO?) helicopter was searching the river in the vicinity of Riverland and Keys II.

  13. Greg- SBC the only agency to issue a press release. My advice to other agencies who want better coverage: start sending us press releases.

  14. Parker Live

    Marilyn Capel The media will ALWAYS report what they can when they can. Just be aware going in that every story you read is – NECESSARILY – incomplete. In this case, we had the basic facts from law enforcement and reported them. No sensationalization whatsoever, and no fair-minded reader would think so.

  15. Parker Live so you guys no longer go out and follow stories? So you just wait until someone tells you something? Great job! 

  16. Parker Live the basic facts stated what happened and that the driver was sober. Do the work and quit hunting for clicks at the expense of the parties involved

  17. Parker Live

    Marilyn Capel Our article states that alcohol was not a factor. You’re wrong.

  18. Parker Live

    Danny Crayton No, but sometimes the basics are all we have and because people aren’t willing to pay for news, no, we don’t always have the resources to go hunting down lots of further details. Unless you’re trying to claim that one of the facts in this article is wrong, which I haven’t seen you do.

  19. Parker Live I didn’t say you reported that part incorrectly…your wrong..do you home work the story is there I am not giving you any info do your job…

  20. can you both stop this and give us an update on the teen. That’s the true concern.

  21. I am kind of curious why are they looking for a child that is not missing?

  22. Denise Haaker-Engstler someone reported it but was not the parent. All homes and trailers were checked and no one had a missing child.

  23. William Shakespeare - Playwright

    If the article is factually correct, and no one was accused of any wrongdoing, and no one was specifically named in the article as being involved in the incident, why does anyone have a problem with the article? If you do not like Parkerlive coverage read the liberal New York Times. Go back to California and continue looting stores.

  24. I was there. He was swimming under the dock and was never seen coming out. So it was reported. No one reported missing a child after that so it was believed he came out the other side and they did not see.

  25. Any updates on the teen boy?

  26. Peggy O’Brien Gabel he is doing great expect a 100 percent recovery..

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