Bear in school grounds euthanized at request of Arizona Game & Fish

A black bear, sighted in recent months in the area and found Thursday morning inside Parker school grounds, was euthanized by law enforcement at the request of Arizona Game and Fish.

At around 4:30 am, law enforcement responded to a call of a bear sighting in the area of 19th Street and Kofa Avenue in Parker. When officers arrived, they noticed a black bear walking around. Officers with Parker Police Department, La Paz County Sheriff’s Department, Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department and Colorado River Indian Tribes Fish and Game Department attempted to corral the bear in various locations but were unsuccessful.

“The bear was going in and out of various residential yards and ultimately made its way into the high school grounds,” said Parker Police Chief Michael Bailey. “Law enforcement contacted Arizona Game and Fish and advised them of the situation. Unfortunately, law enforcement did not have the necessary equipment to tranquilize the animal.”

Due to the possibility of the bear leaving the school grounds and going back into the surrounding neighborhoods where there was a greater potential of being a danger to people, the bear was euthanized at the request of Arizona Game and Fish.

The bear had previously been sighted in the CRIT valley, both on the California side of the Colorado River south of Parker and on the Arizona side. It had been seen near Lake Havasu City and near Blythe.

Game and Fish District Supervisor Michael Rice told Parker Live it is very unusual to have a bear in the area, generally.

“This was a young adult male, it had previously been relocated out of human habitation areas and since came back to where people are,” Rice said. “It had been exhibiting really wild movements and behaviors like getting into dumpsters, not good bear habitat. It was getting above juvenile stage, dispersing from its family, but it’s unknown where it came from.”

Rice said the department is collecting DNA samples and other biological data for its records, and that the most likely origin in Arizona would be up the Santa Maria River, perhaps via Bill Williams River, but that the true origin is unknown.

He said the protocols dictate euthanasia in such cases.

“For the state of Arizona, for mountain lions and bears, we have a very definitive protocol we use to determine whether it’s captured and moved, or euthanized. In this case it would have been a danger to people.”


  1. why?!??!
    Omg could of sedated and relocated way far from area!

  2. Why???? Fish and game shame on u!!! Relocation to save them

  3. Should have been relocated far away.

  4. Is the Officer on Paid Administration Leave pending Investigation??
    Didn’t have to shoot the bear 🐻 was at 530am who’s in school??

  5. Victoria the article mentions that it had previously been relocated and made its way back to the neighborhoods and causing a great danger to people. Sad but necessary

  6. So very thankful that no one was injured or killed. But sad that this young guy couldn’t have been tranquilized and relocated. He was lost, scared . . . .

  7. Shonda Cleveland they should have moved it to a place where bears are safer. Obviously it wasn’t safe around here.

  8. Shonda Cleveland so relocate it again. Did we stop paying fish and game to do their job.

  9. I’m sure Bearizona would have taken him.

  10. Great job officers if the bear would have killed a person or their animals the sh&t would’ve hit the fan!

  11. Shame on Parker for killing a beautiful young bear. You do anything to relocate and help the bear find a home

  12. What shane fish and game should came for him

  13. Really you had to kill it you could’ve called Mojave County and had somebody come down here but no what happens if somebody else kills it 😡😡😡 he’s been spotted in Lake Havasu he’s been spotted in Parker he’s been spotted in blyth he’s been spotted at a-ha Quinn hasn’t hurt anybody yet

  14. Amee Lefrancois Hattersley obviously you did not read the article. It was euthanized per the requests of game and fish

  15. Lisa Conroy fish and game made the decision to have it euthanized

  16. All that money invested in vehicles and armor and weapons and ammo oh and ovid accines. This was no accident. Time for a change in leadership.

  17. Was the bear rabid? Foaming at the mouth? It was foraging for food and was scared. Fish & Game never should have relocated the bear back into the desert as there is NO natural food source for it, as apparent that it wandered back into town seeking food from dumpsters.

  18. I wish I can send a video but the bear was in my backyard and did poop all over the wall

  19. Daniel Jimenez oh well good thing they killed it then

  20. Euthanized? It was shot and stumbled to its death apparently. There was a trail of blood for about 40-50ft

  21. Az game and fish are lazy fucks

  22. Mario De Leon that’s Parker for you😂🤣

  23. This is heart breaking. Poor guy has been around for a while. Why couldn’t he be relocated to Beararizona or somewhere better than Bill Williams. No wonder he comes back. Shame on all of you who were involved. Just disgusting.

  24. They couldn’t relocate him? Shame on every person involved!

  25. Jarrod Caswell omg!😥😥

  26. Sean Young totally agree!

  27. I’m very sad they had to kill the bear but thankful that no one was hurt.

  28. Jesse Ruacho yup no win no matter what they do! Because if he was in my yard he’d be dead before anyone got there

  29. Mario De Leon you aint lying

  30. Why was he not taken up to the hills where he could live his life

  31. It is all explained in the article. They have tried to catch and release him further. First time came right back. He was headed to residential so they had to shoot him. It happens when residential and wildlife mix. So many housing developments are pushing wildlife from their natural areas. We are 80% to blame here.

  32. They just like to kill animals not given a chance to live it so wrong Parker does not care about anything any more

  33. I agree there plain lazy don’t care about any animals

  34. Fish and Game answer to no one and do whatever they want. No accountability. There are always other options when the animal is not posing an immediate threat. Shame on them.

  35. Tengan cuidado toda la jente

  36. And they could not have transferred the bear. Why kill

  37. Jarrod Caswell exactly. He was shot, not euthanized.

  38. Yess that’s what I said..

  39. Ikr ! And it was in an area good to be captured

  40. Bull there lazy plain and simple

  41. I just saw that . Said cops killed him

  42. Mario De Leon the fact that it was a young bear needed to have special arrangements made if it was a grown-up bear out of control it warrants to be euthanized I’ve seen some bad stuff on donkeys that were euthanized to where they actually missed the donkey and wounded it and then try to track it down the donkey ended up at my place was very bad seen for that donkey

  43. Sooo we’re just gonna start shooting bears now that Parker has bears??? We have bears because of fires we should be relocating them to other forrest in Arizona… I’ve only grown up in desert but im pretty sure places with bears don’t typically kill them without serious cause not jsut theyre in a residential area 🥴🥴 we wouldn’t shoot the donkeys for being in a residential area why are we shooting the bears, period.

  44. You’re all so small minded.
    They tried relocating the animal and it came back. Can you not read? It was a young bear, already a creature in the habit of making its way to residential locations.

    Ultimately, if he mauled someone, everyone would be saying that Law Enforcement didn’t do their job then too.

    Do you not realize that the animal DID pose a threat not only to local residents but to your fur babies that you let out.
    God forbid the bear eat one of your animals. Then we’d hear that the police should have DONE MORE, knowing about the local sightings.
    It was in residential yards. What if your kid were riding a bike nearby and got chased and mauled? Or granny stepped out to water some plants and got attacked. Where would your ideals be then.
    People go power walking at 430-7am. Anyone could have walked by and gotten hurt.

    Thankfully AS THE ARTICLE READ, it went into the school where it was somewhat corralled. THANKFULLY SCHOOL ISN’T IN SESSION.
    Could you imagine if it was recess time in August? Of course then your mind set would be set on safety of children and staff, right?

    Did you even stop to think about the officer safety perspective? They aren’t Game Wardens. They are local police. They aren’t trained to handle bears or wildlife. Yet there they were, feet away, monitoring it and waiting for directives.

    Unfortunately, AGAIN like the article READ, AZ Game and Fish gave the directive to euthanize the animal. That’s a STATE DEPARTMENT DECISION. Not your local Law Enforcement.
    But put the blame on the local law enforcement right?

    Have you considered how long it would have taken for a STATE Warden to respond here? With Local Law having to just standby and wait , with no tranquilizers, following the animal because they couldn’t contain it.
    God know what could have happened in what, a 2-3 hr time delay in response.

    State gave them a directive and they followed through after having no other outlet.
    They kept the community safe.
    They always come to your aide and have the residents safety to think about.
    You should be thanking them.

    Shame on all of you.

  45. Humans are the least evolved species. This is disgusting.

  46. Don’t shoot the messenger. I didn’t say I agree with them putting it down. I was reiterating what the article said.

  47. no reason to kill the bear

  48. Chance L Fisher agree 💯

  49. Daniel Jimenez that’s not a life threatening event.

  50. y the fuk they kill it tranq it you sissy ass po po

  51. Aurora Wilson small minded. Really I read the article and still very much disagree.

    The Bears life is just as important as fur babies and I am sure there could have been a different solution and this was the cheapest

  52. Pretty sure that bear had no direct impact on anyones life and you won’t remember him in a couple months. Maybe yearly in your Facebook Memories 🤷🏽‍♀️ but if you have to seek someone to blame, maybe those preaching to defund the police. Or the ones who gave the directive, AZ State Game and Fish

  53. Wow! So disappointed in this decision. Poor bear

  54. Aurora Wilson I understand you are upset because you feel like people are bashing law enforcement. The real question is why Fish and Game doesn’t have tranquilizers. No one wants to acknowledge that part, just that killing the bear was the right thing to do so no humans or other animals weren’t hurt. There should have been another option. That’s my opinion.

  55. Bearizona would have been a perfect location for him.

  56. More like shot to death 💀

  57. Katherine Wheatley Aurora doesn’t work for Fish & Game. That’s a question or a thought majority of the community asked, should call them and ask than post the answer on FB. Just saying. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  58. Lia McCabe I’m not asking for Aurora to give an answer. I wouldn’t expect to get a real answer from anyone, to be honest. It’s just really unfortunate that the bear had to die when in all other areas that have bears living there and roaming their streets, the bears aren’t shot and killed. If I expected answers on real life questions, you’re right, Facebook isn’t the place.

  59. Right ,They didn’t have to shot it . 😤 who pulled the trigger , you are not going to sleep good , 😒

  60. He probably was fed by humans
    Therefore relocating him wouldn’t work. He would keep seeking humans.

  61. They should just take it back where it belongs without killing it poor thing 😢

  62. Ayy what’s up with that bear meat tho? 😎

  63. They killed it? oh how sad

  64. Arizona Game & Fish Department Shame on you! There needs to be an investigation into the Fish and Game they have no oversight ands need to be held accountable!

  65. Sad! Why? Move him to forest!!!

  66. Y’all shit the bed on that one. Could of been a better option

  67. You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t. R.I.P 🐻……

  68. It wasn’t euthanized. It suffered. Should have never happened. Should have been relocated the minute it was discovered. It’s not a toy, it’s not a novelty item. It’s a bear and it should have got the respect it deserved. So shame on you whoever shot and killed it and shame on you who made a decision to let it remain in Parker valley.

  69. Chance L Fisher it’s summer break to so no kid in school

  70. The pigs got upset that the bear was getting all the Attention so they killed him

  71. They should’ve let me Down, Up, B him!

  72. Jarrod Caswell do you know what they shot the bear with?

  73. He was lost from the fires 😭. You could’ve had a heart. 🤬

  74. Sara Condit I don’t know. I just saw the video of the trail of blood

  75. Beverly L Bonney okay so ever seen a bear poop all over your wall

  76. This bear could have been caged and relocated to another area. Killing it is pure shameful. The AZ Game and Fish Dept. is so bad

  77. I have lived in a number of different state and living in AZ for 40 years, I consider the AZ Game and Fish Dept. the worst of all states I have lived in. In New Mexico and Colorado we relocated this type of event.

  78. Aurora Wilson the bear should have never been allowed to reside in Parker valley. To some a bear is a sacred animal and that’s probably why fish and game allowed it to remain in the valley. They could have easily relocated it to another location just like the first bear that was captured and relocated. Don’t blame an animal for being an animal. Blame the idiots that could have avoided this whole thing completely.

  79. Beverly L Bonney okay so , ever seen a bear in Parker

  80. They were just too lazy to do the right thing and rehome the bear

  81. Smh just sad with the out come… he should have been sedated and relocated. My opinion ancestors are hurt, Bear clan one less….

  82. Carrie Burns I totally agree with you. The first bear was relocated. Did fish and game really think there was enough food in Parker valley?? Bears eat in summer and get nice in fat so they can hibernate in the winter. But yes bears are very sacred animals and I love them very much. ♥️

  83. What if it was a giraffe? I think you know the answer.

  84. The 750,000 black bears of North America kill less than one person per year on the average, Most attacks by black bears are defensive reactions.

    This is how dangerous black bears are. Euthanasia was completely unnecessary. They are mostly trash diggers not people killers. We see them all the time at my home in northern CA. No one euthanizes them. Browns and Grizzlies are a different story.

  85. Fuck you for killing that bear…Bearizona would have taken it in.

  86. Carrie Ras your government working for you.

  87. Shame on you guys this is not acceptable! Absolutely bullshit. Quit being lazy and do your job!

  88. Aurora Wilson your about as dumb as a brick…the lazy Game and Fish department of morons could have relocated the bear to Bearizona Wilderness Park.

  89. Toddnmargo Neighbors I called 100%

  90. NOT necessary! They could have taken him to a sanctuary, zoo, or bearizona. He didnt need to die!

  91. Aurora Wilson = about as sharp as a marble.

  92. Scott Jocoy they could have done that the first time but they didn’t… instead they relocated to Bill Williams and it came back.
    If State Game and Fish were on scene at the time of incident, yea they could have chosen to relocate again but they have to be called out from other areas. They weren’t there.
    Your looking at a 2-3 hour wait for them to even show up. That’s hours.

    And AZ GAME AND FISH GAVE THE DIRECTIVE TO SHOOT THE BEAR… but what do I know 🤷🏽‍♀️ not like I read the article or anything.

    All I’m saying is not to bash your LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT for acting to enforce the safety of the community and following orders, when they had no other resources available to them at the time of incident. But I’m dumb right? Lmfao

  93. Sara Condit 9mm 40mm and shotguns

  94. I like how they say they euthanize the bear but actually they killed it they could have relocated to bear to the Hualapai but I’m sure they were thinking of the money and how much it would cost he was probably hungry looking for food There Goes My taxpayer money to killers

  95. Can I get some bear steaks

  96. so fucd up😡😡😡😡😡

  97. Ray Cornelius

    Roxanne Sullivan There was no tranq. gun in the area. You can’t trap a bear. It is too dangerous.

  98. Jose Escorza III that’s what we said!!

  99. Shun Ploos hope you are joking

  100. John Parker Man

    A bear in the hand is better than two in the bush.

  101. Art Barker I’m living in the pacific north west, black bears everywhere they wake up on peoples porches. People just coexist with them. They never attack hikers or bikers. Can’t relocate them, it’s their home too.

  102. Some people just Love to Kill things….

  103. So sad, not necessary! Many more options 😡

  104. Otoniel Duarte whatever, my point is they do not have to be killed, as this bear was done.

  105. to STUIPD no what to do

  106. Aurora Wilson first of all it was in the back yard jumped the fence and drank dogs water and resumed and went on its way….not bothering the dog or owner of the house as she watered her trees….called Fish & game …Recorder said call back at 8am – 5pm
    Monday thru Friday….
    Or if Emergency call the police station…
    CRIT fish & Game # 928 669 9285
    call it and listen to instructions….

  107. Shun Ploos damm wtf death by firing squad huh

  108. Noe Fragoso cartel execution

  109. Shun Ploos fuck Wallace call that nigga chalino he went out like a G

  110. Noe Fragoso you already know compa

  111. Kerry Jo Mitchell they didn’t have any tranquilizers in this whole dang town 😞. so they shot it and not dead right away so he suffered. blood allll over the high school on lockers n shit . Sickening . He was so beautiful. Just lost and scared looking for a way home .

  112. What’s next?? SMH poor bear .

    Whole tribe is going to shit thanks to Amelia Flores .

  113. Randy killingback

    Please help me understand how Officials new this Bear was relocated before and why wasnt the Bear Traded to another state for other game.

  114. Fuck Parker game and fish and PD. Pathetic pieces of shit or two. Afraid to deal with it so you decided to call it “euthanization” when you needlessly kill the animal.

  115. Did you have to kill it?

  116. Crit humanality there is no unemployment office insurance benefits parker in Phoenix

  117. Criminal! No attempt to relocate. If a citizen had of killed this bear they would be arrested and charged with a crime, as should AGFD

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