PHOTOS: River elevation drops overnight, will return to normal by afternoon

An unusual sight Wednesday morning: exposed docks, boats sitting on muddy riverbed, exposed land around riverside resorts and private property, muddy bars in canals.

The river elevation on Lake Moovalya, the part of the Colorado River more commonly known as the Parker Strip, apparently dropped by several feet overnight. The drop was not planned, but reportedly was due to a mechanical issue at Headgate Rock Dam that has already been repaired. District 2 Supervisor Duce Minor told Parker Live he has been told the river elevation is expected to be back to normal by early afternoon. The Bureau of Reclamation is reportedly helping speed this up by releasing more water from Parker Dam.


  1. Get used to this. When Powell n Mead n Mojave are dry this will be the norm people

  2. Many years ago the ACE would do this once a year and it gave everyone a chance to clean up the shoreline on your property.

  3. Parker Live

    Tony Doesn’t seem likely for Parker or Havasu, because the canal systems which divert water to the Metropolitan Water District, the Central Arizona Project and the Colorado River Indian Tribes (who have the most senior water rights to the river) all rely on the elevation being at roughly this level. This is why Havasu and Parker have been holding steady while Mead and Powell drop.

  4. Cory Henderson ya saw this earlier. Crazy

  5. Parker Live except for all
    The new Federal water release laws that just went into place. Stupid reply.

  6. Shannon Paluso dang that’s nuts! Look for all the sunglasses quick!

  7. Kellie Bingham dang where’s a metal detector when you need one😂

  8. Bianca Viloria lol for real

  9. Rosemary Carlisle did you guys pull your boat out?!😳😳

  10. So glad the house i wanted to buy didn’t go through

  11. Parker Live I’m not confident on that issue. The drought and the fact that crit is sending some of their water to whoever, I believe the river strip will be in big trouble in just a couple years.

  12. Parker Live

    Teresa No crystal balls, of course, but there are no plans to abandon farming in the CRIT valley.

  13. Paddock Garrick easy fishing now!

  14. Parker Live I agree although they have fallowed a lot of acreage. I, personally, have not heard any concern of protecting the water flow up river to protect property in that area.

  15. Might as well look for bodies like at Lake Mead

  16. Another one who just doesn’t see the overall problem we’re facing up river. We All better start saving now or this will be a bigger problem in the near future unless Mother Nature decides to give us Snow packs within a couple of years.

  17. Of course they are holding water levels -For now, but unless we have years of snow n rain, the reservoirs above parker will be in the same trouble as Powell n Mead. What then ??? Where is the water going to come from to fill up Parker?!

  18. Tony Parker I’m not sure who you are referring to, but I am extremely concerned. It seems that those who have control of the water are not concerned about our property and what decades of investment we have in that property.

  19. It is unusual this time of year for this to happen. Usually in January or February they lower the river water down for owners to perform repairs to docks and retaining walls.

  20. Was there notice that this was going to happen?

  21. Parker Live they already have been cutting allocated amounts and not allowing purchase of overages from what I’m hearing a lot of farmers are not sure what’s going to happen. A lot of Yuma farmers are looking for land in other areas due to shortages 🤷

  22. Jack Koebig Jr. there was a dam failure, it was reported fixed at 6:25am and levels were expected to be back to normal by 3pm

  23. I was referring to Parker Live

  24. Tony Parker Parker Live is a great conduit of information. I believe they try to stay neutral in their opinions and basically just state the facts.

  25. I am confused …. headgate is below parker strip down river from parker dam … therefore it is impossible in my opinion that a mechanical error at headgate would effect river levels in the area indicated by the photos … it must be parker dam that had the issue

  26. Headgate dam stayed open over night when it should of closed.
    Parker dam closed like it should at night.
    So with Parker dam gates closed, and Headgate dam gates open, it drained the strip.

  27. California will suffer an energy shortage and flex alerts through Labor Day due to high temperatures. So let’s run out and buy a electric vehicle. 🤣🤣

  28. Did you not read the other conversations lol. It was a mechanical problem that caused the low water issue. It was Not Planned

  29. David Bull the details are key to understanding…

  30. David Bull when the gates close at Parker Dam and the gates don’t close at Headgate Dam the water keeps running out of Headgate Dam. Just like in 2019 the gates didn’t close at Parker Dam but the gates closed at Headgate Dam and the water flooded our property and up over our docks!!

  31. Has this ever happened before?

  32. Parker Live

    David Bull Correct elevation relies on both dams releasing water at the same rate simultaneously. Headgate was releasing too much.

  33. Parker Live

    Teresa Tozer Thank you. Yes, when we express opinions usually it’s obvious that it’s an opinion rather than fact! This may be a good topic for that, actually, so I’m inspired to write an op-ed on this….

  34. Makenzie Cote yesterday

  35. I tried to post the picture from 2019 when we got flooded but it doesn’t allow me to post photos.

  36. Does anyone know if the water levels are back up?

  37. If the river runs dry it will be a good place to put affordable housing.

  38. Parker Live

    Jenna Dee They’re back!

  39. Thanks John-“Parker Live”
    More to say but I’ll leave it alone for now. Great article

  40. Vickie D Jeremiah apparently the dam dam door was stuck!🤣

  41. Can’t make this stuff up 🤦🏻‍♀️

  42. Dang. Been waiting for the water to drop for a long time to do dock repairs. Wish I knew about this, woulda went out there asap to do some repairs while the water was down.

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