Massive Tesla Supercharger breaks ground in La Paz County

One of the largest Tesla Supercharger stations to date has broken ground in La Paz County along Interstate 10 in the town of Quartzsite.

The massive 88-stall electric charging station is being built at 370 Main Event Blvd behind Terribles gas station, a location expected to see more development soon, including a car wash and Starbucks, according to the Desert Messenger.

A smaller Supercharger already exists nearby close to Burger King, but Tesla is aggressively expanding at a time when many of its customers often need to sit in lines waiting to charge their vehicles. The company has announced that its Superchargers will become open to other manufacturers’ vehicles in the future, as they already are in some places around the world. This will increase demand for the chargers by many times its current number as the EV industry generally continues to expand. Tesla and Ford announced a partnership this week that will see Ford adopt Tesla’s charging port and gain access to its Supercharger network.

The new station will be at a midpoint between Phoenix and Los Angeles along one of the main corridors in the southwestern United States. It joins a relatively small number of Superchargers in its size category, including a 100 stall location in Coalinga, a 100 stall location in Barstow and a 56 stall station in Firebaugh. There are more than 45,000 stalls in operation around the world, according to the company.


  1. So is it using solar,natural gas or nuclear for its electricity?? Just curious. 😆

  2. Great to see new businesses coming to La Paz County!

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