Man arrested after police chase on Highway 72 near Bouse

A man was arrested after he led police on a chase on Highway 72 near Bouse Thursday.

La Paz County Sheriff’s Deputies received information that there was a stolen vehicle in the area and were able to confirm this information through a license plate check, according to the La Paz County Sheriff’s Department.

“The vehicle had pulled off the road and entered the parking lot of Bouse Family Dollar and later went mobile,” Sheriff William Ponce told Parker Live. “Once the vehicle was on the road, deputies tried to initiate a traffic stop.

The suspect fled in his vehicle, leading the deputies on a chase.

Members of the public reported seeing a white SUV being followed by Sheriff’s patrol vehicles with their lights activated, then diverting suddenly from the roadway, through a fence and into the desert, with deputies behind.

“The suspect allegedly fled on foot and was later apprehended and taken into custody,” Ponce said. “The vehicle was reported stolen 2 days prior in Las Vegas.”


  1. why do these CRIMINALS ALWAYS come to OUR county?

  2. Because we don’t shoot to kill.

  3. Well, hell, who was it ???

  4. I wish they would have done at least something about my bosses truck and trailer that were stolen from behind Walmart a couple years ago. It happened while I was using his truck to deliver tortillas to the store. I’m still pissed off at CRIT for making the decision to NOT ping my cell phone that was in my coat pocket inside the truck. If they would have done the phone ping, they would have been able to catch the POS that stole the truck. Who ever did it first had to put air in one of the tires as it was very low. So they had to stop somewhere in town to do that. Then they took the truck to Phoenix, but had to stop at Pride truckstop on I10 for gas. But Crit didn’t think that having a vehicle stolen from someone working in town was enough of an emergency to ping my phone to stop the theft. The truck has never been found. Glad to know the person from Vegas got Justus for their misfortune.

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