Semi-involved accident in town of Parker

Parker Live is seeking information from law enforcement, who have closed the road and are handling the scene. Meantime, bystander photos show a serious wreck. Updates when available.


  1. My 4 cousins were involved in this crash and 1 didn’t make and we are still I waiting to hear.about the others

  2. I’ve got a couple of picture of semi wreck. If your interested. You’ll have to tell me how to get them to you. Im a computer flunkie.

  3. Was at Burger King when this happened

  4. This is so sad, in hind sight I have been on the police Chief Bailey of Parker PD for over three years now to do something about the traffic in Parker. It is not uncommon to sit at Coffee Urns restaurant and watch these semi trucks doing 65 70 miles an hour in a 45. This is on record with the city when I did a call to public a few months back. Nobody wanted to do anything about it, now this has happened so all the finger pointing will start. Parker PD is basically useless. I hope Bailey is happy with his choice to do nothing about the fast driving in Parker. I hope Bailey see’s this post and maybe wake up, this fatality is on him the way I see it. WE NEED COMMERCIAL ENFORCEMENT NOT EXCUSES. What is sad is how many units sit by AA auto sales in the dirt lot watching this traffic drive by and do nothing.

  5. The deceased is my brothers daughter. If anyone has video, pictures or any accounts of the accident, I would greatly appreciate them being sent to me. Thank you in advance, for your help in putting this animal away for life.

  6. My deep condolences to the families and friends of those lost.

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