Power outage for town of Parker

UPDATE 2: Restored for now. APS is still working on closing a final switch.

UPDATE: APS now estimates power to be restored by 4 pm (pushed back from noon).


APS power is out for the entire town of Parker this morning, due to temporary equipment problems. The utility says it expects restoration of power by noon. It is believed that interference in the substation caused a catastrophic equipment failure. There is a cooling station set up at BlueWater Resort & Casino.

Outage doesn’t affect Safeway, Casino, Running Man Fuel and Bluewater Lagoon since they’re on BIA. Upriver has power.


  1. For god sakes don’t ask Katie Hobbs what she’s doing about the electrical grid, don’t ask your representative for district 30 either, they didn’t really like my comments. I gave you one. I got hung up on by a news broadcaster from Fox News in Phoenix, I just laughed. But thank you for getting the word out about the power outage. As I said before my other letter, I feel sorry for the hospice patients. Because the majority of them are home by themselves, I know that for a fact because my daughter was a hospice nurse and would tell me that many of her patients were by themselves, and the majority of them were on oxygen, with no backup generator. So Tom I’m not trying to make this political I was actually trying to make a joke out of it because Katie Hobbs is on the hot seat there, what is she doing about the electrical situation? And this is somebody from Toledo Ohio that’s asking. Shameful.

  2. EXACTLYY I agree amen!! Tell emπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  3. Shawna L Eubanks

    Why don’t they implement solar panels out in Parker az since we see so much sun.

  4. Wow I didn’t know that about the hospice patients my dad Donald Robert Wills and his nurse was awesome πŸ‘ , I’m in need of my car fixed so I can get a job and I will be able to help out if possible

  5. Sure thing, Lynne from Ohio. Were you here for the years of neglect from the prior administrations to Hobbs? Meaning the Duecy regime? Can’t lay it at the feet of Hobbs, sorry to say. Yes, Parker should be covered in solar! Why isn’t it???

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