Verizon outage due to damaged fiber, company contact tells Duce Minor

UPDATE: Service to all sites restored, per Verizon.


It’s been a week of service disruptions in the Parker area, all with their own unique causes. APS had power outages for the entire town of Parker Monday and into Tuesday due to equipment damage. Parker Live heard reports that Southwest Gas had service interruptions too. And now Verizon, one of the most relied-upon cell service providers in the area, is experiencing outages since Wednesday.

Fiber optic equipment in a data center, IT and modern technologies concept. Server room routers and fiber optical cables.

La Paz County District 2 Supervisor got some answers on that one when his contact at Verizon gave a little background.

“We had a 7-site outage in Parker, AZ that was caused by damage to fiber that is connected to our cellular infrastructure,” the contact said. “Cox had a contractor damage a 432 ct fiber box that had to be replaced. After they had repaired the box, they discovered a 288 ct fiber cut and had to replace a mile long fiber run and the power company had to replace a power pole.”

Repairs are currently underway, according to the contact at Verizon, and the company is awaiting a timeline on completion.

Parker Live also attempted to get some clarity on what happened at APS, which creates havoc as people’s businesses and homes heat up in the summer heat wave. According to one unconfirmed report, there was evidence that someone had been shooting marbles into the switch gear at the electrical station.

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