CC #3

Crash! “INFILTRATION ALERT! VIRUS ATTACK!” screamed a sudden flashing red screen on my laptop computer, followed by, “Windows has detected a Trojan Horse virus. Run anti-virus software?” Yes and No options popped up on more red windows. A stream of .exe files swarmed across my screen, followed by a new window that said, “Scanning…deleting files.” “GAK! No! Stop! Do not …

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CC #2

Parker 250 – Up Close and a Little Personal! I heard screaming racecars when I was outside hanging laundry. Race day! I had forgotten the Parker 250 was today. The Bouse bend on the desert racecourse is only a few miles from my house so I jumped in my Jeep to go have a look. A lone racecar bumped and …

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What to Feed a Death Row Inmate

Steak, bacon, fried okra / potatoes / eggs and ice cream are the most commonly requested last meals for Arizona death row inmates, according to the Arizona Department of Corrections website. With almost everyone on the planet casting the death sentence upon Tucson shooter Jared Loughner many of us are speculating over what his last meal might be and hoping …

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