Josh Savino

The Starbucks Effect

Earlier this morning I went to Safeway here in Parker. Starbucks is located right as you walk through those magical Star Trek-like doors that automatically open. It was an in-and-out trip so I was a bit in a hurry. As I had feared I came upon an aging line of winter visitors blocking my path to the deli so I …

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Confession 425

I stood there as they applauded and thanked me for my heroic efforts. I’ve never felt so bad. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate pats on the back as much as the next guy, but this time something was keeping me from fully enjoying the moment. Guilt. To understand the reason behind my feeling this way we need to go …

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My morning at the Social Security Office

Recently I had to get my Social Security card replaced. This process is free, but awfully time consuming. It should be mentioned that the Social Security office in Parker is only open on Mondays and staffed by just one person. This brave soul traveled from Needles to assist a mob of people with issues ranging from basic questions to complicated …

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