Viewfinder: C-130 at Parker Airport

A C-130 Hercules full of U.S. Marines on training exercises spends the day at Parker Airport while the high winds ground the plane. Photo via Melissa Wright Photography. (Thanks to Andy Jones and Kyle Conlon for the correction on the plane model.)

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Viewfinder: What is this?

Does anybody know why a can would be strapped to a post in the middle of the desert? Answers in the comments section below. (If anybody has a similar question about strange items in the desert, please use our contact link above to get in touch!)

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Viewfinder: Parker 425 Live Coverage

PHOTO FEED: Josh Savino Parker Area Chamber of Commerce Sergio Cordova @mirandasloat @stevengineer Parker Area Chamber of Commerce @raulfelix @fernandavpt @kingshocks

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