Eight dead in off-road race

In an incident which rocked the sport of off-road racing, 8 spectators died after a truck plunged into the crowd at the California 200 in Mojave, stunning the off-road racing community.

Many national news outlets are covering this story today. CNN posted this report:

The driver, Brett Sloppy, says in a Facebook message that he is devastated by the accident:

“Soo incredibly lost and devistated [sic] my thoughts and prayers go out to all the familys and friends involved,” the San Marcos resident said on his Facebook page late Sunday. “Thank you too all my friends for sticking with me even thru these tragic times I love you all.”

The Associated Press reports that Sloppy will not be charged; it was an accident. Best In The Desert racing association, which has three races in the Parker area, issued a statement:

Best in the Desert offers sincere condolences to the families, fans and racers affected by the recent MDR tragedy.


  1. Hi, this news hit me very hard, on saturday night, I had many friends in the area and was happy to hear that they all made it out of the way. So far it seems like the major news outlets are demonizing our sport so if you would like the true story from people that were there please visit race-dezert.com. and if you would like to donate to the victims and familes of victims see Fast-aid.org. the organization is a non-profit founded by a couple off-road fans who wanted to be there for injured off-roaders. the President and Vice President are both Parker locals.

  2. Also a interesting bit of information, the truck only rolled a maximum of 10 feet off of the course. the rear bumper was still technically in the course.

  3. Very sad. This is going to happen when spectators get to close to the course. God bless the families of the fallen fans. It really hits home to our community that host so many off road races. STAY AWAY FROM THE TRACK.

  4. I am writing in response to the California 200 MDR Race in Lucerne Valley this past weekend and the tragedy that resulted. Some were concerned that something like this could happen here. While that may be true, one really needs to look at the promoter. I’d just like to talk about Best in the Desert Racing Association.

    I spoke with Best in the Desert and they have already made some proactive changes in light of this tragedy and in the interest of safety in their off-road races. Effective immediately, all drivers will be required to stop before entering all pits. The maximum speed limit will be 25 mph. Best in the Desert Racing Association has demonstrated over the years that safety is the top priority. Casey Folks and his crew are an exemplary entity and boast an amazing safety record. The Parker races also include high berms, strict spectator guidelines and plenty of signage. I have personally seen Casey Folks in action with regard to safety and he takes it extremely seriously.

    There are several pre-race meetings with all local law enforcement, all local fire departments, Colorado River Indian Tribes, BlueWater Resort and Casino, Bureau of Land Management, the Town of Parker, La Paz County, AZ Game & Fish, CRIT EPA and the volunteer base that help keep it safe for the spectators and drivers.

    Best in the Desert is always looking for people to help out on the racecourse. They are looking for flag people and course monitors. The majority of the volunteer force is outdoor and off-road racing enthusiasts; they camp out the night before the race, they are in position early and assist the racers if they need help and they are there for safety and course control. If you are interested in volunteering please visit http://www.bitd.com.

    The next off-road race in the Parker Area is the new BlueWater Desert Challenge October 16-17. More on this race when BITD returns from “Vegas to Reno” this weekend.

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