Chinese restaurant gone in flames

UPDATE July 2016: China Garden has reopened and it’s better than ever.


China Garden, a popular Chinese restaurant in Parker, AZ, went up in flames sometime after 10am Thursday.

An employee said he smelled smoke in the kitchen and everybody got out before it was consumed in flames. Agencies responded quickly as employees gathered at the side of the road, some sobbing. The restaurant is next to the busiest intersection in the town of Parker and was a well-loved gathering place for visitors and locals.

Riverside Drive was closed by police for almost two hours at time of writing as multiple fire departments put out the flames.

Photos by Parker Live, Keith Moses and Juanita Learn








  1. Jason Marino

    I guess someone didn’t like the Orange Chicken.

  2. Jackie Saunders

    No I hope they are all OK that’s so sad.

  3. Joaquin Vences


  4. Nick Gordon

    Lawrence Cecchini NOOOO!!! Dammit I loved their house lo mein. Glad everyone got out ok tho.

  5. Jaccalyn Korv

    Sad, but my husband use to spray that building for roaches, might have been a good thing it went up in flames.

  6. Fabian Castro

    Never a good thing when someone’s business whom they depend on for income to burn.
    Come on man!

  7. Amy Harmon Cramer

    Bummer, hope they start over. And btw Jaccalyn, all restaurants get sprayed, that’s how they keep the roaches out. 🙂

  8. Sandi Du Vall


  9. Paty Pena-Twyman

    oh no they made the best Salt and Pepper Shrimp…… Pray everyone is OK.

  10. Venessa Zollman

    Michele Smith :’-( Must rebuild!

  11. Brenda Elizabeth

    Worst “Chinese food” ever! Hope everyone is ok though!

  12. Kaylyn Brock

    That’s sad. Glad everyone is okay. And cockroaches? Those are the only things gonna survive there! Probably move to he buildings around it. Lol

  13. Tina Leivas

    OMGawd, sad but glad no one was hurt.

  14. Ashley Svider


  15. Jane Kendall

    Oh no, glad no one got hurt. Le’s hope they rebuild or reopen else where in town. The empty place next to Subway or the soon to be empty El Sarape would be a good temp location till they rebuild.

  16. Melissa Wright

    🙁 one of the friendliest restaurants to walk into as well!

  17. Freya Wise

    Oh no I am glad everyone got out. But Now where are we supposed to get good nomy Chinese in Parker now.

  18. Joaquin Vences

    gonna start a Kickstarter to Rebuild the GARDEN!

  19. Trish Crossman

    Awwwww Bummer 🙁 Good food .I hope they can reopen soon !!

  20. Sylvan Scott

    So sad when someone’s lively hood burns down. How they support their family, how they put a roof over their heads, how they put food in their families stomachs. So sad and such a sad world when everyone beats someone down when they are already at their worst.

  21. Kitty Ray Faulkner

    Really sad to see the post on how much people didn’t like the food and how they want see other businesses take over. How selfish of you. Shame on you.

  22. Pitty Villafana

    Sam damn your favorite place

  23. Tony Scarlata


  24. Michele Smith

    Venessa Zollman WHAT!!! NO! NO! Beverly L Bonney what the f!!!

  25. Nikki Moeur

    Maggie, what is Jimmy gonna do?!

  26. Parker Live Updates

    And the award for most tasteful comment goes to…

  27. Sam A Ferber

    Nooooooo!!!! I really hope they rebuild that.

  28. Luis Espinoza Sanchez

    Told you we should of gone when we were there

  29. Sam A Ferber

    I happen to love the Chinese food there. I live in Colorado Springs now and this big city has nothing to compare to that Chinese food.

  30. Brenda Elizabeth

    Well Sam I grew up in the l.a area any they have the best Chinese ever!!!

  31. So sorry. I liked going there when I went back home. 🙁

  32. Beverly L Bonney

    So very sad! Wonderful family and great food.

  33. Lorri Franklin

    How terrible – and all the nasty comments?? I hope nothing ever happens to you that could destroy your whole life! Have a little compassion – jeeze! So glad everyone got out safely. We were just there a few weeks ago. Parker Strip is our home away from home. We always got great service there, the people were so friendly and the food was always great. I hope they can start over and reopen soon. 🙁

  34. Dava Stenberg

    Nooooooo. Loved that place

  35. Fabian Castro

    At this point who cares about the food.
    Think about the family. All you fuckers with your rude comments keep them to yourselves.
    I would hate for anything like this to happen to anyone. Bad or good its a family and a dam good one at that.
    All others pray for the fam.
    Take this comment any way you want.
    Learn manners and most of all respect.
    That is all.

  36. Omg….are the rest of the building in that plaza alright?

  37. Jennilee Martin

    not cool some tha comments …. I know they will rebuild

  38. Dayna Howell

    Oh no, I was just there.

  39. Jaccalyn Korv

    I’m sorry, I should clarify it was not these owners, back then it was a different Chinese restaurant. It is sad this happened, hope they are able to build an even better building.

  40. Mike Rowe

    Oh no that was a great place to eat been there many many times yes glad all are safe…

  41. Happy to hear that everyone is safe. I hope they re-build. They are always friendly and their food is always good.

  42. Nana Gillaspy

    Had lunch last week, we will miss this place. Great people and food. Hope they rebuild…

  43. Sharon Calhoun

    Is this the place we ate at. Oh n o I loved that place

  44. Eddie Rowland

    We have eaten there. Bummer

  45. Liz Gosliga

    Noooooo!!!! I love this place!!!!

  46. Tim O

    Always made a point to stop and have lunch there when in town. Totally sucks.

  47. Garrick Paddock

    Yeah, it sucked seeing them sitting there looking helpless… talk all the shit you want but next time come out and see all the looks on the faces of the people that lose everything in fires.
    Some of you make me sick…

  48. Doris Goulet

    WHAT —- I will miss one of the best places to have lunch/dinner when I get back there

  49. Mark Valenzuela

    Gonna miss that place. Didn’t it catch fire about ten years ago?

  50. Everything has a beginning , and an ending.

  51. TwoFeather Sanctuary

    The best Chinese food we have eaten anywhere (and we have travelled the United States). So thankful that no one was hurt. The food was outstanding, the people so friendly and helpful; we hope they choose to rebuild as they are a vital part of the community and surrounding area.

  52. Sorry for the owners and employess that will have to deal with this. The people at this restaurant were always kind and friendly and my family loved the food there. Hope that they are able to re-open again soon.

  53. Steve Madoneczky

    As a Former Mayor of Parker, I am sadden by this. They are hard working people. They brought good Sales Tax to the town, that will be missed! I hope they rebuild, we loved eating there.

  54. Oh No! My favorite place. I am so happy nobody was hurt and pray they will reopen ASAP. God bless them. They are such very nice people.

  55. Anthony Adams

    Broke my heart fighting this. I loved their food

  56. This is very sad news. Going to miss the Orange Chicken. Soooo now is the time to start plans to rebuild and get that place OPEN!!!!


  58. Scott Watters

    Nasty food feel bad for the unemployed work is hard enough to find in this area.

  59. I want to Thank the firefighters and police officers who responded and controlled the situation.

  60. Annamaria Prieto

    I loved the food there i hope they rebuild and glad no one is hurt thank you Fabian and Garrick for saying what I cannot post and Garrick thank you again for helping to control that situation.

  61. Katherine Wheatley

    How family always enjoyed China Garden. We will hope for them to re-open. I hope the families are okay and can pick up the pieces of losing everything. I’m embarrassed for the negative comments that people choose to share. So inconsiderate. Think of yourself and your own family being in the same situation.

  62. Leah Howard

    No!! Just when i was craving some sweet and sour pork.

  63. My husband and I enjoyed eating there. Best of all, getting to know some of the employees over the years. We remember the place when it was “Grandma’s Kitchen” even earlier, so it’s something of a landmark in Parker. Just glad no one was hurt.

  64. To all the people withe the rude comment’s. …….

    those of you who stir the s*** pot someday soon we’ll have to lick the spoon

  65. NOOOO. No more kung pao chicken and orange chicken. I loved your guys noodles!! I hope you rebuild…. your servers were always so nice to me.

  66. Honestly though, I went to China Garden at least once a week with my friends and family.I’ve been going to that restaurant since I was a little girl and to see that the place I grew up around in destroyed, yea of course im gonna be a little upset…. okay more than a little upset. I just hope everyone is okay and im down to donate my meal money to the family in hopes of rebuilding. Thank you China Garden for the years of countless amounts of memories and great service!

  67. Marsi McBride Cobb

    Mom, not sure if you are going to want to Snowbird with us this winter… DeNell Crismon McBride

  68. There were some very sweet workers there and a honest sincere owner. I know how it feels 1st hand when you lose your restaurant (Carvel /cinnabon here in parker next to subway) it feels worse than a part of yourself dying, its more like your family member has died. I still cant drive by my building without crying. Im thrilled that nobody was hurt, but I know there is pain as a result of this fire, even the surrounding business will be closed for a week. Think of the employees that maybe cant pay thier bills or even eat because of no paycheck this week! Neg comments dont make you look cooler, just make you look sad and petty, why do you waste your energy trying to hurt someone’s feelings?

  69. Dave & Mary Dockins

    So sad to see this we drive truck and stop here almost twice a week. Did Buddha and Happy Cat didn’t suffer much…

  70. Everyone I know loved that place. The servers were so cool, funny, and fast. I sure hope they decide to rebuild. The food was way better than most, and very reasonably priced. Our annual guys trip will never be the same with them. Please come back Chinese Garden!

  71. Went are you open up

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