Nine suspected drug dealers arrested


Nine people have been arrested in a “roundup” of suspected drug dealers this week in the areas of the Parker Strip and the north part of Parker valley.

According to the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office, on November 18th, 2014, the Narcotics Task Force made the arrests in the roundup which consisted of officers/agents from the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado River Indian Tribes, the U.S. Border Patrol and the Parker Police Department.

The arrests come as part of a series of drug-related investigations across the County. During these investigations, undercover detectives and confidential informants have been purchasing methamphetamine, heroin and other drugs from several alleged dealers. After making multiple purchases from each target, the Task Force presents the cases to the local judge who issues a warrant for the suspect’s arrest.

“This specific round up is closing out a series of investigations that cover the unincorporated area of the Parker Strip and the Parker Valley within the CRIT Jurisdiction,” a Sheriff’s Office press release said.

The arrests included Patricia Standley, Thomas King, Wendy Tatum, Sandra Hoover, Eric Smith and Sheryl Thomas from the Upriver region of the Parker Strip (north of Parker, AZ); and Brian Eberle, Jessica Davis and Victoria Escorza from the north part of the Parker valley. The investigation associated with Eric Smith was conducted in 2013 with the assistance of the Parker Police Department.

There have been a lot of questions in the past asking why it takes so long for the Task Force to arrest drug dealers for the alleged offenses,” said Sheriff’s Lt. Curt Bagby. “What the citizens need to understand is the dangers associated with these types of investigations. When an informant is deployed into a residence to purchase some type of contraband, there are two things we take into consideration. The first is we need to establish that they are a drug dealer and that this isn’t a one-time offense. This is done by purchasing the drug multiple times. The second issue we have is if we send an informant into a residence or business to buy the drug and we immediately arrest the suspect, it will identify who the informant is and not only put them in danger but it may affect their ability to continue to assist the Task Force with other cases.”

The La Paz County Task Force would like to remind everyone to make a difference in your neighborhoods and call in suspicious activity. You can call the La Paz County Central Dispatch (928) 669-2281, or the Task Force at 928-669-9645. You can also go to and send an anonymous message describing your concerns or observations.

Editor’s note: Parker Live always likes to remind the public that all of these people are to be considered innocent of any crime unless and until they are proven guilty in a court of law.


  1. Janice MacLean

    Yay! Keep up the great work!

  2. Scott Dunlap

    Crazy it use to b same case different name on it. But its another case same names. Lmao. Good job task force

  3. Steve Madoneczky

    Looks like the Brady Bunch dressed in orange! Lol.. Good Job!

  4. Cindy Helm Wiersema

    They don’t look like Snowbirds…..They look like Jailbirds!!!

  5. Jaime Dawn Wiersema

    Aren’t they a hot looking bunch, Not!

  6. I have just one word.. DIRTBAGS!!!

  7. Rudy Gonzales

    Don’t recognize any of them, thank goodness.

  8. Perry Humphrey

    Well lets put these people on our list to stay awayfrom

  9. Natasha Chapman

    Yay, so glad all the local law enforcement has come together to focus on this terrible problem!

  10. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    That way of life; sadly the ending is death, jail, poverty, and so sad when children are involved. All them adults pictured, some of them must be parents. We nd to pray for their children.

  11. Christopher Duarte

    I recognize 2 guy far right and girl bottom left they are or were a couple

  12. Melissa Floyd

    Hey aunt Vickie I wonder if any of these are loris friends?? Think I should call and ask her lol

  13. those pics look like they are from a dating website

  14. Now if they send them away and not let them back out for giving up names

  15. Ditto Rhea!!!!!!!!!

  16. which dating site Kirk? ??

  17. Danny Crayton

    I felt sorry for one of those people. Complaining about life, and how hard it is. But if you have money to buy drugs then you reap what you sow

  18. sick of it corupption

    Well now the paid informants and the ones they allow to sell are gonna show back up ,so be aware if you haven’t seen one you know in awhile and all of a sudden she/he are back dealing be very careful ,they are always right back to business until the next round up , getting ready for the next wave of people they sell to ,so they sell for them and then they stop just before the round up and guess what your busted !!!

  19. Disgusted by RATS

    It’s disgusting how easily these people get offered to RAT a person out and not get FULLY punished for their own crime. Do your dirt DO YOUR OWN DAMN TIME!!! and yet they walk around with no shame. Sickening!!

  20. thank god im sober…

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