I-10 closure: here’s what you need to know

UPDATE 2: I-10 is to be reopened on Friday, according to Caltrans, using the westbound lanes for two-way traffic. This will provide one lane in each direction while construction work continues on the bridge on the eastbound lanes.

UPDATE: Traffic in Parker has become heavy and slow due to the detour, but relief is coming. CA-177 has been reopened, which means there is a new shorter detour for traffic between Phoenix and Los Angeles using CA-177 and CA-62 (see below). For traffic between Southern California and the Parker Strip, use CA-62 at Desert Hot Springs.


The constant to and fro of traffic between metropolitan Southern California and the Parker Strip has been significantly interrupted after I-10 was closed near Desert Center due to significant flood damage. Here are the basics.

What happened?

The roadway over a bridge near Desert Center collapsed after heavy floodwaters damaged the structure on Sunday evening, according to authorities. One driver was trapped in the debris at the Tex Wash bridge, while other motorists secured his truck with straps to stop it getting washed away. The driver sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was released by emergency personnel. The Parker area itself didn’t get as wet as surrounding areas, with the KLPZ weather station in Parker, AZ getting around half an inch of rain over the weekend.

What’s going on with the road now?

The I-10 freeway was immediately closed from the north junction of CA-86 in Indio to the junction of CA-177 at Desert Center. Caltrans will now assess the damage to the bridge, which photographs would suggest needs extensive work and perhaps even completely re-built, so the roadway will likely be closed in both directions for some time while the necessary construction takes place. In the meantime, the usual route on I-10 between Arizona and California is impossible.

What alternate routes can I take?

If you’re coming to the Parker Strip from metro Southern California, it’s relatively simple: take I-10 to the junction of CA-62 at Desert Hot Springs and follow the 62 all the way to Parker, AZ through Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree. The added time can be as little as 10-20 minutes (without traffic).

Updated detour. Click to see larger.
Updated detour. Click to see larger.

UPDATED: For travel between metro Southern California and Phoenix, Interstate 10 westbound has reopened between Quartzsite and California, but the freeway remains closed in both directions at Desert Center. Westbound drivers are encouraged to exit I-10 at California 177, travel north to California 62 and go west to return to I-10 at Palm Springs (see above). Eastbound drivers are encouraged to exit I-10 at California 86, travel south to California 111 and continue south to I-8. At Yuma, drivers can take US 95 north to I-10 or continue east on I-8.

Any suggestions if I have to go out of my way?

Yes: stay a bit in Parker, AZ if you find yourself coming through! Eat and drink at one of the many eateries and bars. Stay at a hotel or motel near the beautiful Colorado River. Rent a boat or some waverunners. Live it up! Fun is what we’re good at.

How will this affect Parker?

Within hours of the closure, traffic through Parker – particularly on California Avenue – got very heavy and the roads have stayed congested as semis and other motorists make their way across town to the bridge, through Earp and past Big River and out toward Vidal on the 62. We’re talking to law enforcement about plans to help traffic flow. Meantime, smart planning may be necessary for traveling. With the reopening of CA-177, the alternate detour may ease congestion through Parker soon.

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  1. Tyler Nicholson

    This great news for the 28 palms cities. They should enjoy a boon to their economy for months!

  2. Tyler Nicholson

    Shirley get ready for more visitors!

  3. Parker Live Updates

    Parker too; it’s right on the detour route.

  4. Lisa Antsen Thornton

    I read that traffic through 29 Palms is limited to residents and those with security clearance due to Homeland Security restrictions. Is this not the case?

  5. Debby Ingraham Russell

    Gary Bill Colleen Joanne Kristine. Gotta get thru there early on Friday cuz it’s gonna be a mess. Ugh. Just get me to the lake & skip all this packing & prepping & traffic issues!!

  6. Parker Live Updates

    No closure or restrictions are reported for any part of CA-62, including 29 Palms. 🙂

  7. Nery Garcia

    It was just your luck if this was the reason for your detour!! Terrence Allen

  8. Tyler Mckay

    If your driving from Blythe can you get on rice or is it closed before rice

  9. Bob Ready

    I am still trying to come up with a downside of keeping Californians out of AZ. Maybe we should put a bridge between CA and WA via OR to keep them in that way. 🙂 😉

  10. Hope Cal-Trans and the cities on Hwy 62 get there act together and adjust their traffic signals through those towns otherwise it will be a nightmare!

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  12. Linda Murray Miller

    Wow…drove over that on way home from River Sunday!!! Whew

  13. Melissa Purser

    Trucks are all being rerouted through Parker. Be safe and give them room!!

  14. Tyler Nicholson

    You cannot get on Rice from either direction

  15. Chiracao Summit…..OUCH that’s gonna hurt their revenue stream!!!!

  16. Terri Jones Miller

    Jan, can you go through Parker instead?

  17. Jan Fabey M

    We go to Parker but taking the 62 through 29 Palms with traffic and stop lights is awful. And since it will be the main routenot an alternative, YUCK.. (I shouldn’t complain really cause I do just sit in the passenger seat and look pretty. But it will take us longer and I hope no idiot crashes on our way home. )

  18. Stephanie Quintero

    Thankfully many news sites are telling people to go to the 8, so hopefully they do that!

  19. Stephanie Quintero

    We are in the same boat, coming back from Pasadena.

  20. Isabel Serrato

    Sammy Serrato Mariana N. Serrato if you guys are going through there

  21. Sammy Serrato

    No were going another way, this is why there’s so many traffic in Parker

  22. Parker Live Updates

    New route recommendation at the link above.

  23. Tyler Nicholson

    I guess no new visitors for you guys.

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