Boat crash injures several near Lost Lake

One person is still in critical condition and several others are in various stages of recovery from injuries after their boat collided with an embankment near Lost Lake Resort south of Parker on Saturday.


At around 5:30pm, Riverside County Sheriff’s deputies received a call about a boat crash near the 33000 block of US-95 – close to Hidden Valley Resort south of Lost Lake Resort – to which they responded along with Riverside County firefighters. Three people were flown to hospital with major injuries and six others were taken to hospital by ground with moderate injuries.

Mike Vasquez of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office said there were more than 10 passengers on the 20-foot boat and alcohol may have been a factor in the collision. The speed of the boat is still unknown. No arrests have been made as the investigation is still ongoing.

Witnesses reported that the boat traveling fast and was unable to negotiate a turn, causing the collision with the shoreline.

Vasquez said that according to information gathered at the scene, the boat appeared to have been overloaded with passengers for its size. He reiterated that drinking and operating a boat are never a good idea, and strongly discouraged anyone from operating a vehicle if they have been drinking.

“We know that it is that time of year where people have different times of the week that are designated for their spring break,” Vazquez said. “We do expect a rise in boaters on the water and people just enjoying their vacation time. We just want to remind the public to be safe out there and enjoy vacation and your time on the water.”


  1. Julie Maddox

    Sad!! Hope everyone recovers; Spring Break brings out the kids with less experience, Be Safe out there

  2. Kathy Filburn

    They were not from Lost Lake they were from Hidden Valley and were forewarned before the accident not yo drive

  3. Parker Live Updates

    Do you know them Kathy? Any more info on the injuries?

  4. Carrie Lassabe

    Who was it from hidden valley I use to work at smokeys I know almost every one there

  5. Carrie Lassabe

    Kathy Filburn who was it it’s carrie

  6. Tim Ebbett

    That sucks, hope everyone heals quick

  7. Kathy Filburn

    Not personally but a lot of our people from our park who were the eyewitnesses of how drunk and drugged up these kids were told them to hand over the keys… He refused! Sorry this happened but the water ways are for fun not stupidity these kids and people like them need to be taught the rules of the water… Make people go through coast guard auxiliary training like they did in the old days to get a license to drive a boat which by the way IS a motor vehicle. You ALWAYS give up the helm if you put anything illegal to your lips.. Zero tolerance is just fine with me.

  8. Dee Mano Flores

    Thats too bad ..hope they are ok.

  9. Jodi Grumet

    Thank you for trying to for warn them not to drive but I think as adults the majority of us have made mistakes and when drinking we do not use proper judgement at 20 years old! I understand that what happened should have been avoided but this young man is very familiar with the river and has been driving boats and skis for years!!! Wonderful families are going through pain and mourning so please refrain from the ” I told you so comments “. Hidden Valley is our family and they are part of it. One boy lost his life and now another has to live with the decisions he made???? He is a very loving, caring and usually responsible young man. Our hearts are breaking! God bless!????????

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