Suspect named in triple homicide case


A man who was a ‘person of interest’ in a triple homicide in rural La Paz County has now been named as a suspect in the murders, according to La Paz County Sheriff’s Office.

“We recently completed a preliminary analysis of some of the biological/physical evidence recovered from the crime scene. At this time, we have enough probable cause to identify Kitage Lynch as the primary suspect in this case,” Lieutenant Curt Bagby said.

The homicides, which were discovered on April 20th near Salome, AZ, apparently occurred several hours before Lynch was apprehended in Glendale, AZ in the early hours of the 21st. News outlets reported that he was acting erratically and shooting a firearm. He allegedly shot at Glendale and Phoenix P.D. officers as they responded to the scene.

Several hours before, Sheriff’s officials had found a brutal crime scene at a property on a remote stretch of Salome Road. Three senior citizens were dead in multiple homes on the property, with no apparent suspects or motives at first.

Up until now, Lynch’s connection to the crime scene in Salome was that he was reportedly found with one of the victim’s vehicles, which was missing from the property. That established him as a ‘person of interest’ in the killings, while evidence was processed by authorities in three different jurisdictions.

Now, Lynch is being named as the primary suspect in the homicides, with “probable cause” cited as the reason for the change. Typically law enforcement agencies make this change in approach when an item or items of evidence turns out to reveal a more substantial link to a crime. “The La Paz County Attorney’s Office will be handling the upcoming grand jury/indictment process,” Bagby added.

The victims were identified as Lester Lindsay (83) and his wife Ella (76) from Wenatchee, Washington, and Alice Boyd (81), from Bingen, Washington.

No motive or suspected motive has been released at this time.


  1. Marilyn L Smith

    RE: Alice Boyd. She was supposed to be in Salome for a weekly meeting on Tuesday morning the 19th. She would have called. I’m thinking the death happened the early morning of the 19th. That has never been stated, that I have seen. They always say the 20th.

  2. Kassie Hunter

    Yeah, read it earlier-crazy!!!

  3. Mara Castro

    He is from Glendale according to what the news first reported upon the original arrest

  4. So sad to live that long. Then have some punk muder them, Cold blooded killer. Can only hope he gets the same sentence.

  5. What happened to the previous comments?
    Now there is censorship?

  6. The original guy deleted his comment on Facebook, and all the replies went with it. (They were also completely irrelevant to this article.)

  7. There they go, they have to start scapegoating the brown people. Blaming the Mexican nationals for all there Problems. Innocent until proven guilty, isn’t that the way it goes. The race with the most people on death row in the Arizona state prison are White People.

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