15 year-old boy drowns over Memorial Day weekend


It was the first tragic news of its kind in a long time on the Parker Strip: a 15 year-old boy died by drowning in the river at La Paz County Park over Memorial Day weekend.

The boy was visiting with his family from the Phoenix, AZ area and was stationed on a riverfront stretch of the park Sunday, where children played by the water and adults were set up nearby. Reportedly the boy could not swim and was wearing a lifejacket while playing in the river. But the jacket slipped off as he jumped in, according to sources familiar with the situation. The current at the location was fast and carried him away quickly. By the time the alert was raised and the boy was found, he had been underwater for several minutes, according to reports.

“We all witnessed the situation unfold and knew something terrible was happening,” said a bystander who saw what happened from the other side of the river. “A young man was taken away in an ambulance. An hour later his family was dealing with the realization that he wasn’t coming home.”

The response time by divers from Buckskin Fire Department was less than 10 minutes, according to sources, but even with such a fast response, attempts at resuscitation were ultimately unsuccessful.

It was a busy weekend on the Colorado River as always, with heavy boat traffic, packed resorts and parks, and thousands of people out on the shores of the river. But nobody was expecting tragedy to strike during such a time of recreation and fun.

Now, a family member has set up a fundraising page to help the boy’s mother with transporting him back to Phoenix and burial expenses (LINK). Parker Live has verified the authorship of the fundraising page through the boy’s mother.

County authorities told Parker Live the tragedy was the first of its kind in a long time, and expressed sadness about it. The Parker Strip has a generally very good safety record, for the numbers of people and the nature of watersports and boating, especially on big weekends. Properly-fitted life jackets are a vital safety tool around the water.

American Red Cross ‘Learn to Swim’ lessons are beginning Monday, June 6th in Parker, AZ. Go HERE for more information.

(Editor’s note: Out of an abundance of caution during this family’s difficult time, I haven’t mentioned the boy’s name, even though his first name is mentioned on GoFundMe. The above photograph was provided on that page.)


  1. Sandra Flores

    Prayers for the family!????????

  2. There is no link to the fund raiser page! So so sad! ????

  3. Margie Thomas

    ????heartbroken for this boy and his family. ????

  4. Angela Silva

    So sad. Sending prayers to his family ????☝

  5. Shannon Henry

    God bless this is so tragic

  6. It’s there on desktop but not showing up on mobile for some reason. Text link added.

  7. April Gallup

    A river loving family’s worst nightmare. My thoughts go out to the family <3

  8. Carrie Burns

    Aww so sorry for this family’s loss. The river is no joke and don’t ever under estamite the current.

  9. Teri Gary

    Awe they shoulda at least taught him to tread water or float. So sad. But even swimmers can get tired and go under and be unable to get back to the surface. RIP

  10. Norma Dubois

    Heartbroken to hear this????????

  11. Roger Teagarden

    I saw this happen. I was out there when they pulled him out of the water.

  12. Beverly L Bonney

    ???? prayers to the family

  13. This is such sad news. The river is so dangerous, regardless of someone’s swimming ability. It makes me fear for our local families as well, that we need the ability to hold larger swimming classes for the community’s Youth. I think it’s about time that the various governments in the area revisit the idea of a public pool, not only for recreation but for swimming lessons and water safety.

  14. Candi Evans

    keeping the family in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. He was my daughters classmate and such a bright smiley kid. He had a bright future so so sad.

  16. Jack Labrum

    Having fun turned into sad news. My Condolences to the family.

  17. Cindy Robinson-Ritter

    Prayers to the family. ????????????????????????????????

  18. So sad. This was my little cousin. He was such an amazing kid. My prayers are with the family during this rough time. I’m glad I got to see him a few weeks ago before he left us. ????????

  19. Jennifer Tschida

    R.I.P Davion he was one of my friends he was the most amazing perosn I’ve e er met he was kind hearted whenever someone was down even if they didnt know them he was there to help we were in the same class and be was really smart and i had seen in his soul that he had a bright future i miss him forever and always he is unforget abel a true outstanding perosn

  20. Lisa Mickelson

    So tragic and sad ???????? RIP dear boy

  21. I love you Davion! Never forgotten!

  22. This is so tragic, and especially sad really sad for me because I knew him I was gonna play ball with him but didn’t because he suffered injury by broken arm love you man Rest in peace

  23. He was such a sweet kid, always with that smile that would light up any room he walked into…One of the last things I said to him was that with “his positive attitude and drive to succeed his future was so bright the sky was the limit.” That was last Thursday… I am truly heartbroken. My deepest and sincerest condolences to his family.

  24. What a tragedy. My family’s heart and prayers go out to Davion’s family.

  25. So sad to know his life is gone and it had only just begun. My prayers go out to his family and friends. RIP

  26. Pat Henderson

    So sorry. Prayers for the family and friends

  27. This is a lie because I was with the boy when it had happed it was no 10 its was 20 min when the people came and it was to late he had no life jacket on just one girl he and the girl was playing by saying he is drowning and he was really drowning and me a 14 year old girl had to go get him and it was to late but he was a friend of mine r.I.p davion

  28. I love you sand miss u so much D!! It’s been a while but I miss you! ❤️????

  29. it had been a while I was in the hospital and when I found out I could not believe it I miss you so much you were a relay good friend I will always remember the fun times you had a bright future.I will always think of you I know that you are in a better place but I know that you were always focusing on one day at a time.all the 20+1 students at desert wind will always remember your bright smile rest in peace.

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