Supervisor’s daughter involved in shooting

UPDATE 11/7:

According to LHCPD the gunshot victim is still in hospital but is expected to recover. The investigation is reportedly ongoing.


Lake Havasu police have confirmed the investigation, calling the incident a “domestic dispute between a male and a female” and saying that the male “suffered from a gunshot wound during the dispute and was transported to an area hospital with life threatening injuries.”


The daughter of a La Paz County Supervisor was involved in a shooting in the early hours of Sunday morning, according to law enforcement.

Berlynn Irwin, right, pictured with her sister on her public Facebook page

At approximately 12:30am a domestic disturbance call led to a male subject being found with an apparent gunshot wound and taken to hospital. Berlynn Irwin, daughter of elected District 3 Supervisor Holly Irwin, was reportedly involved in the shooting, but as of the time of publication law enforcement had declined to elaborate further.

The La Paz County Sheriff’s Department is not dealing with the case, according to a Monday press release, because Irwin’s father is a Sheriff’s Department employee. Lake Havasu City Police Department will be handling the investigation, including a search warrant and interviews.

“Upon realizing the connection with the Department and the severity of the matter, the Lake Havasu City Police Department investigative unit was requested to take over the investigation,” the press release said. “This will conclude our involvement with this case. We will not be providing any investigative assistance and/or press releases. The case has been forwarded to LHCPD in its entirety.”

This is a developing story. Parker Live has reached out to the Lake Havasu City Police Detective handling the case for more information. Please check back for any further updates.


  1. Carol Wilson

    So sorry for the parents.

  2. Nancy Henke

    So sorry for the parents

  3. Parker Live Updates

    As far as we’re aware she was not the person who was shot.

  4. Charles Hanlan

    Jennifer De Jordy my thoughts exactly

  5. La paz sheriff Dept made a great decision on this but it’s very sad for all those involved

  6. Chelsea Muhle

    So nobody here ####n cares about the guy she shot???

  7. Jennifer De Jordy

    Not really I know her and done then she just randomly shoot some dude for no reason he probably deserved it

  8. Chelsea Muhle

    “She” is fine! She did the shooting. How about praying for her vet bf who got shot!

  9. Jennifer De Jordy

    I know her and she probably didn’t just shoot some dude for no reason

  10. Melinda J Du Vall

    Chelsea Muhle Right, I agree. I hope he is ok

  11. Vonnie Harmon

    Whoa no need to come at me!! Prayers for all!! Nastiness is unneccessary.

  12. Melinda J Du Vall

    Why is everyone asking if “she” is ok? She isnt the one that got shot the man was! Shell be fine being taken care of by the state. Does any one know if the gentleman that was shot is ok?

  13. Sad the whole situation. Do hope he survives and os ok. No nastiness meant here but will be interesting to see the outcome considering MO and dad’s jobs in the County.

  14. Loren James Lee

    You can feel bad for him but their had to be a reason for what happen. Like they said she wouldn’t just do it for no apparent reason. I hope shes alright and everything is worked out

  15. SherrieAnn Irwin

    Clearly some people need to mind they’re own business. My sister doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone. Some of you need to read up on self defense I am disgusted with the immaturity of some of these comments, unfortunately not everyone has decency and respect for everyone involved. Picking sides doesn’t help the matter and is irrelevant to the situation. Making derogatory comments only draws negative attention towards yourself so congratulations , thank you to all the adults who have taken the time to pray for both families, it is greatly appreciated.

  16. Jackie Newbourn

    I went to college with your sister. She’s always been such a sweet person. I’m praying for your family and everyone involved.

  17. Charles Hanlan

    That’s my sister you guys. I know the guy. Yes I hope he pulls through of course…no one deserves to die. But what is done is done.
    Everyone just needs to chill and let my family take a breath. It’s hard enough as it is.

  18. Andrew Long

    Prayers. We will hear all sides of this story soon enough.

  19. Dotti Weaver

    We all make mistakes, there is only one judge, and that’s the Lord Jesus Christ, praying for the whole family. Just remember the Lord has his arms around all of you.

  20. Folks just relax,thankfully we have what’s called due process..bare in mind,anyone is capable of about anything.if you must judge…then start with yourself.pray people

  21. Doug Ratkovich

    Keeping Berlynn and all your family in our Prayers, We love you Berlynn!

  22. Rene Whittig

    We love you Berlynn Irwin your picture on the front page of the paper was so wrong!!!!!

  23. Terri Salisbury

    Berlynn Irwin, we love you. I am keeping, you, your family, and Anthony and his family in my prayers. I pray for a speedy recovery for Anthony and I sent big hugs filled with lots of love to you.
    Hang in there and stand strong.

  24. Paulette Hinse Melnyk

    Those of us that know Berlynn know she is a beautiful sweet young lady and this is a tragic event for all involved. Her Pirate Den family are here for her!

  25. Anthony Allen

    This is Anthony Allen, the one wounded in this incident. Also the one responsible. Not that it’s any of your business, but what I find ironic is how you took the opportunity to include the entire Irwin family. You utilized your little blog to attack an innocent family. It’s bad enough that you mentioned the victim in this case but you also mentioned holly and Larry and that wasn’t good enough, you included Sherrie by putting a picture of her. Why not mention Anthony Allen…ill tell you why, because you’re using this article for political purposes… Maybe if you were from America you’d care about the people in it. Shame on you John wright.

  26. John Wright

    Anthony: Several ways you’re wrong. (1) When there’s a shooting, yes, it’s our business, as it is for any local media anywhere it happens. (2) Reporting this story isn’t ‘attacking’, it’s reporting the story. How you construe it as an attack is beyond me. (3) What ‘political purposes’ are you talking about? The reason the article doesn’t mention Anthony Allen is because law enforcement did not provide us with your name, presumably to protect your privacy. Thanks for adding your name for the public record.

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