La Paz Regional Hospital offers telehealth during pandemic

La Paz Regional Hospital has developed a telehealth option for patients who do not want to visit a health provider in person, or who are quarantined during the current pandemic.

Telehealth has emerged as a key solution for medicine worldwide in the last number of weeks. It allows people to book a virtual appointment using a device at home and establish secure, private connections to a providers.

“La Paz Regional Hospital has embraced telemedicine as part of the exceptional care we offer the communities we serve,” a statement by the hospital reads. “Staying at home and limiting travel to necessary grocery and other visits is the new norm during this critical time. La Paz Regional staff understands that some patients may be at higher risk due to age or medical condition and may not feel comfortable visiting a health care provider. The telehealth alternative to an on-site visit is available for our clinic services in Parker, Bouse, Salome and Quartzsite. While the clinics are open and ready to care for you, you have the option to access our providers with telehealth.”

If you are experiencing symptoms or think you might have been exposed to COVID-19, the hospital urges you to call your health care provider right away and ask what telehealth options may be available to meet virtually. Check your health plan for specific coverage details.

“A tele-visit is easy. Using your smart phone, you call your clinic to make an appointment. At the appointment time, your clinic will send you a link to connect with your provider. You are placed in a virtual waiting room. The provider will have your record in hand and connect with you, virtual person to person. Telemedicine is making a very positive contribution to healthcare during the pandemic.”

“The hospital and clinics remain open during this time. All providers and staff are following strict CDC guidelines to protect patients. All providers and staff use PPE (personal protective equipment) and sanitize all surfaces routinely and often. Doctors, nurses and support staff are here to serve you if you need medical care. You always have the option to come to our clinics or the hospital as needed. Now, as one alternative, telehealth is here for you.”


  1. David Tucker

    why didn’t someone think this a long time ago for pcp only write prescription and referral anyway

  2. Dawn Reich

    Nice job LaPaz RMC!!!!

  3. Jeanné FitzGerald-Pearcy

    Look Rusty Pearcy. Its your favorite hospital!

  4. Jeff May

    Rusty Pearcy is like their tim the tool man Taylor

  5. Andrea Hoff Roberts

    Our office, Parker medical Center- is also doing telemedicine. Patients have been thankful for the convenience!!

  6. Darcy Vaughn Holt

    Andrea Hoff Roberts hi Andrea…stay safe!! ????

  7. Netera LeMaster

    My co worker was denied. They would not see her

  8. Stacie Lent

    Netera LeMaster did they say why she was denied?

  9. Netera LeMaster

    Stacie Lent they said to her to see her primary care doctor. But they would not even see her. She was having breathing problems, and something with her heart

  10. Stacie Lent

    Netera LeMaster oh no. That sounds serious. I know some primary doctors are not see patients.

  11. Stacie Lent

    Netera LeMaster sad see if she can get to Havasu maybe they can help at that hospital

  12. Netera LeMaster

    Stacie Lent I told her the same thing. She had a hard time driving that day

  13. Netera LeMaster

    If it was me I would have gone to different hospital

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