Man arrested on Parker Strip for OUI after boat collision causes injury

A Menifee, CA man has been arrested on the Parker Strip for OUI after he struck another boat and caused head injuries to its operator that required transport to hospital.

On Sunday afternoon, April 19th, at approximately 2:25 pm, deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s Colorado River Station Marine Enforcement Unit were dispatched to an injury accident just south of Echo Lodge Resort on the Parker Strip.

Hannah Scott, 21 from Huntington Beach, was a passenger in a 19-foot Omega boat that was floating on the water approaching a popular beach spot.

John Deuth, 35 from Menifee, was operating a 24-foot Tracker pontoon boat traveling southbound at approximately 20 miles per hour. The front of Deuth’s boat collided with the rear of the Omega boat, according to deputies. After the collision, both vessels were brought to the shoreline on the California side of the river.

“During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that Deuth was operating his vessel while under the influence of alcohol/drugs,” says a statement by the Sheriff’s Department. “Deuth was subsequently placed under arrest and taken to the Needles Jail for booking. Scott was transported to the Havasu Regional Medical Center with head injuries and later released. This investigation is on going and anyone with additional information is urged to contact the Colorado River Station.”


  1. Ruben Reveles

    What the hell we’re they doing out there anyway

  2. Tim Hamilton

    So much for social distancing

  3. Jesus N Michele Mariscal

    If they would you just “stay home” in “CA” this probably wouldn’t of happened!

  4. April A. Esquerra

    Cali ppl need to STAY TF HOME!!!!!

  5. Jesus N Michele Mariscal

    Ruben Reveles not following “stay at home” and or “social distancing” CA and AZ Governor request! Go figure! God has his own way of keeping us home! #ignorance

  6. Robin Gerlach

    What happened to closing the beaches and boat ramps on the reservation. Lack of enforcement only promotes stupidity from the selfish “Visitors” who refuse to stay home flatten the curve and wipe out all the resources for the locals in town who are suffering with loss of jobs and income already now these Assholes come to “KILL THEIR LIVE AT THE RIVER” and cause accidents and chaos. Irresponsible selfish morons!

  7. Pat McAfee Tanges

    Thanks to our law enforcement!

  8. Jay Man

    Drinking and driving is bad in any state of the union. The launches are open, people are going to use them.

  9. Ruben Reveles

    Jay Man locals yes. He wasn’t a local

  10. It states Parker Strip… Boats taken to the California Side of the river. This was not on the Reservation. Read the article.
    No following the Stay at Home orders given by their Governors of the State, ARIZONA & CALIFORNIA

  11. Patricia Duran

    Robin Gerlach they are closed but there are other access spots off the reservation that people are using.

  12. Robin Gerlach

    Patricia Duran Because they don’t know any better or because they don’t care….

  13. Tineke Runkle

    And here we go! Doesn’t California have a STAY AT HOME!!!!!! What part don’t they understand?

  14. Patricia Duran

    Robin Gerlach town of parker won’t close access. The tribes can only close on the reservation. So it’s the town of parker that doesn’t care. They should close all points of entry into Parker and only way you can come into Parker is if you have official business or you’re a resident.

  15. Lorrie Ann Muriel

    This was all on the CA side. Read the article. All handled by CA law enforcement.

  16. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    Essential activity? I think not.

  17. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    Jesus N Michele Mariscal They do have that there. They can’t leave their homes or cross state lines.

  18. Robin Gerlach

    Patricia Duran or an essential worker????as so many of us are I would never presume to use this stay at home order (yes order not leisure, vacation time) but it doesn’t seem to stop anyone else from doing just that its so frustrating! Go home, stay home!

  19. Kim Masterson

    Robin Gerlach – the beaches and launch ramps are closed on crit property

  20. Tommy Peck

    Lol well if COVID19 wont kill u… Cali OUI drivers will.. lmfao..

  21. Tina Marie

    I mean. Technically the Californians were in California. Just saying.

  22. Alan Nelson

    Patricia Duran Town of Parker has no access to the River.

  23. WOW, some of you folks need to get a map out and study it carefully. The article CLEARLY says ECHO LODGE!! That is NOT anywhere close to Tribal lands and even FARTHER from the Town of Parker! Come on people.
    And way to credit Buckskin Fire and AMR for actually treating and transporting those involved in the accident!

  24. Trone Trone

    I wonder how many people commenting are originally from Cali?????

  25. Gavin Whims

    Patricia Duran yeah good lock shutting down a US highway which is a federal highway…

  26. Patricia Duran

    Gavin Whims Lol wishful thinking

  27. Terilyn Gary

    shoulda just stayed home

  28. Koni Raes

    Yes it was in his state BUT stay at home mean stay at home .. that was not Manifee Ca

  29. Koni Raes

    Patricia Duran you can not shut down highways and roads . Its a shame that people feel they are more important than others and their enjoyment comes first .

  30. Patricia Duran

    Gavin Whims again wishful thinking.

  31. Koni Raes

    I hope the courts throw the book at him for Drinking and boating during a Shut down due to a pandemic 200 miles away from home and not following the STAY AT HOME order .

  32. Koni Raes

    The other boats operator was from Huntington Beach Cali , 2 boats with So Cal people

  33. Tina Marie

    Trone Trone probably about 85%

  34. Dena Lux

    They REALLY need to ramp up IQ

  35. Norma Davis

    Omg people get it in your heads you dont have to stay at home u can still go do stuff for fuck sakes that’s the first thing about parker is everyone talks shit but none of you guys are perfect

  36. Loren Jim Loudon

    If all of the people from cali stay home who would support your meth habit

  37. Rich Richardson

    Koni Raes who doesn’t drink and boat??? Safer on water boating that standing in lines at the supermarket Walmart ect…

  38. Koni Raes

    Rich Richardson myself or my husband . If he drives hes doesnt crack a beer till we are done boating for the day. Never have to worry that way .

  39. Lindsay Watson

    Doc Lewis hope everyone’s doing ok

  40. Doc Lewis

    The driver of boat, and boat is local.. know facts. Floating thus river for over 20 years

  41. Vanessa Marie

    ???????????? echo lodge is so far off the reservation. ????‍♀️. The reservation boundary line actually ends closer to emerald cove. Just some general knowledge

  42. You people are wacked out. Accident happened because of oui. Has nothing to do with any stay at home order. The day you people commenting here can walk on water, if u cant means u make mistakes also. Not perfect. Get off this guys ass. He made a huge mistake and will pay. Please go into your bathroom and see if u see a perfect person

  43. Donna Price

    Lorrie Ann Muriel Where’s Manifee? I know where Menifee is

  44. I am from Cali and we have a place in Parker (37 years). I am worried for all of the locals. I know that as soon as people feel they can escape to the river, they will, whether it is okay or not…. from California, Phoenix, Vegas and parts unknown. Packed boats, RV’s and beaches will become petri dishes and Parker does not have the hospital facilities to support a large outbreak of covid-19. I am worried that by mid summer there will be new hot spots emanating out from the river region; once the summer invasion is in full swing and the virus has time to spread around to not only the locals, but all of the boaters and RVers and all peoples with whom they come in to contact. I am thinking of all of you and pledge to stay away from Parker until it is determined that you are all safe and that coming to a place we love so much won’t be harmed by our presence. I will miss the river…the sites, the sounds, the smells…the patty melts from Roadrunner….dinner at Strokes….martini’s in the evening….but I can wait. XO #Parkerlove!

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