Body of Brian Dunnan may have been found, submerged in river in his own vehicle

The body of Brian Dunnan, accused of killing Johnny Beckham last June, may have been found, submerged in the Colorado River in his own missing vehicle.

Beckham died by fatal gunshot wound on Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 at the age of 33, at his home on Dreamy Lane in the Lakeside 5 subdivision north of Parker. Dunnan, whose family vacation home was on the same street as Beckham’s, was quickly identified as a person of interest in the death.

He was believed initially to have left town, but it was known Dunnan was driving a black Range Rover. The La Paz County Sheriff’s Department put out a ‘Wanted’ poster featuring Dunnan, who was in his late 50s. Multiple law enforcement agencies expended various resources looking for Dunnan, including by helicopter, but the case went cold.

Last week, a vehicle was discovered submerged in the river near BlueWater Resort & Casino on the Colorado River Indian Tribes reservation. CRIT called FBI agents, who are now heading the investigation until confirmation of the human remains found behind the wheel, expected this week after an autopsy is finished. If it turns out to be Dunnan, the case will be turned back over to detectives with the La Paz County Sheriff’s Department, who have already positively identified the vehicle as Dunnan’s.

“It will take a little while due to decomposition resulting in obtaining possible dental records or DNA records,” Detective Johnson told Parker Live.

If it turns out to be Dunnan, the mystery of how he had seemingly evaded law enforcement for 10 months, despite active searches in Arizona and California by multiple agencies, will be answered. What is less clear are the circumstances in which Dunnan may have killed Beckham, leaving an open question remaining at the heart of a tragic story.

Dunnan was wanted for second degree homicide with ‘extreme indifference’, which is defined in the law as circumstances in which “the person recklessly engages in conduct that creates a grave risk of death and thereby causes the death of another person” without premeditation.

The Sheriff’s Department has never released the 911 call or made any statements about their theories of the case.


  1. Coward knew he fucked up and killed himself. Just my opinion…..🤷

  2. How was the car found?

  3. Jerry Griffin I think so too. Probably drove himself into the river.

  4. Did he have a mask on when he was found?

  5. Jennifer Wrigley Tyler Kroll 😳

  6. Donna Estes Robinson wow

  7. Jill Bumpurs Reyes ewww

  8. Jolie Johnson rt! Sad 😔

  9. Johnny's mom dj

    Whether it’s him or not, if he killed himself or was taken out. It’s all for nothing! Johnny was killed for nothing! I don’t feel closure, I feel cheated again by this POS.

  10. Here’s my concern once again arizona is a very easy place to commit murder if your not one of there union members of the badge or uniform , or certainty croupt you can get away with murder intent or breaking several different laws tampering with evidence. Well if the la paz parker sheriff’s or troopers call them tribal land tough call or Lucero victims rights don’t except much there history has proven there the worse service and they fuck up the investigation on purpose. (So if I have to put my name on one else had too) when sitting I will sue the state no talking my daughter’s case was not ok and still isn’tdumbest
    bunch you did do me a favor though I won my civil complaint you did violate our rights I have a lot to say about you junk and jive here in Arizona good luck getting a trial they don’t care or tribal picking it up taking it to counsel.kill two young women and walk 😲 wow don’t matter governor douchy republicanly your a joke . It’s never gonna get cloóser wrong skin color too sorry but they seemed to not like natives americqns. either

  11. Susie Angel damn. No justice for the family if it is him

  12. Parker Live

    June Scott I’ve asked about that, but I don’t have any info yet.

  13. I heard him and his dog were found in the back of his car not the driver seat so sounds to me someone killed him and his dog and drove the car off in the water to make it look like he killed his self. So he probably witnessed who killed Johnny Beckham and Who ever did shoot him wanted to make sure Brian didn’t give who ever up because he might have been tired of running because he knew who did it so that person tied up loose ends by killing him and his dog making sure he didn’t talk but we will none never know because the cops always keep everything hidden from the public like they always do they cover everything up I would hate to be murdered in Arizona Especially In La Paz County because my family wouldn’t get no justice for me or no real closure or answers it’s sad. If they would have done there jobs right from the beginning Johnny may still be alive if they would have helped him who knows he could have lived and if they would of did there jobs right maybe just maybe the would already have the killer in custody and have answer and closure for Johnny’s family. My Condolences for Johnny’s family and if it is Brian My Condolences To Brian’s Family May God Help them all thru this very difficult time and help heal there shattered hearts. And I pray they all can get some kind of closure.

  14. Master Mcdonald

    Fuck anybody and everybody who wants to talk shit on my very good friend of like 12 years. He wasn’t a killer. He was an honest, giving, caring person. Quit talking shit on a person you don’t even know. So fuck all your lame comments! You people are sad and pathetic to even comment about this if you never even met him. Nobody knew him like his friends. He will always be remembered as a friend of ours we hold now in memory. Memory’s of some of the greatest times in my life were experienced with my home boy Brian Dunnan!! Rest In Peace till we meet again because I know you went to heaven I know your heart Brian your not a killer! You were just a quit guy.

  15. Opinions are like assholes everybody’s got them

  16. You guys talk so much s*** you don’t know what the f*** happened nobody does but I’ll tell you that Brian’s dog is sitting with me his name is chubby and he didn’t die. What else do you have wrong?¿?????

  17. Brian was a vreat guy he would never hurt anyone there three sides to every story there one side and the other side and than the truth the truth i he was a good person he will be truly missed may you be soaring with the angels brian we love you brian and we miss you may your soul rest in peace love gloria

  18. You were truly one of a kind Quiet. A very awesome dude. Your friends back you no matter what the fuck happened. Say hi to Spot for me. You both are missed. XO💜 Love, Lisa.

  19. I am Brian’s Ex girlfriend and still friend. I will always love you Brian and so will Chubb’s. Johnny, I will always miss your silly smile and energy your shared. condolences to both families and all friends/pets. I think Brian was out for buying and broke down in his Jeep how does gun arm him like he usually does and was walking back home something went wrong when he got there but he called 911 doctor’s dog, he left other guns, he had over $125,000 cash on him that he just cashed out some stocks. The trailer was robbed the dog was looking for him in the desert when he left the house he didn’t leave like he wanted to somebody else was involved. From what I know and from my experience Johnny and Brian both got along they were both each quiet calm really mellow people. That was Brian’s favorite gun, why would he have left that and his dog and what happened to his money?

  20. Jennifer you are the asshole what’s your opinion ?

  21. you people are mental i know the real story kelly he didn’t have $125.000 he only had 50k which he spent long before all this happened,, master mcdonald you’re right he was not a killer just a person defending his rights

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