Body of Brian Dunnan may have been found, submerged in river in his own vehicle

The body of Brian Dunnan, accused of killing Johnny Beckham last June, may have been found, submerged in the Colorado River in his own missing vehicle.

Beckham died by fatal gunshot wound on Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 at the age of 33, at his home on Dreamy Lane in the Lakeside 5 subdivision north of Parker. Dunnan, whose family vacation home was on the same street as Beckham’s, was quickly identified as a person of interest in the death.

He was believed initially to have left town, but it was known Dunnan was driving a black Range Rover. The La Paz County Sheriff’s Department put out a ‘Wanted’ poster featuring Dunnan, who was in his late 50s. Multiple law enforcement agencies expended various resources looking for Dunnan, including by helicopter, but the case went cold.

Last week, a vehicle was discovered submerged in the river near BlueWater Resort & Casino on the Colorado River Indian Tribes reservation. CRIT called FBI agents, who are now heading the investigation until confirmation of the human remains found behind the wheel, expected this week after an autopsy is finished. If it turns out to be Dunnan, the case will be turned back over to detectives with the La Paz County Sheriff’s Department, who have already positively identified the vehicle as Dunnan’s.

“It will take a little while due to decomposition resulting in obtaining possible dental records or DNA records,” Detective Johnson told Parker Live.

If it turns out to be Dunnan, the mystery of how he had seemingly evaded law enforcement for 10 months, despite active searches in Arizona and California by multiple agencies, will be answered. What is less clear are the circumstances in which Dunnan may have killed Beckham, leaving an open question remaining at the heart of a tragic story.

Dunnan was wanted for second degree homicide with ‘extreme indifference’, which is defined in the law as circumstances in which “the person recklessly engages in conduct that creates a grave risk of death and thereby causes the death of another person” without premeditation.

The Sheriff’s Department has never released the 911 call or made any statements about their theories of the case.


  1. Coward knew he fucked up and killed himself. Just my opinion…..🤷

  2. How was the car found?

  3. Jerry Griffin I think so too. Probably drove himself into the river.

  4. Did he have a mask on when he was found?

  5. Jennifer Wrigley Tyler Kroll 😳

  6. Donna Estes Robinson wow

  7. Jill Bumpurs Reyes ewww

  8. Jolie Johnson rt! Sad 😔

  9. Johnny's mom dj

    Whether it’s him or not, if he killed himself or was taken out. It’s all for nothing! Johnny was killed for nothing! I don’t feel closure, I feel cheated again by this POS.

  10. Here’s my concern once again arizona is a very easy place to commit murder if your not one of there union members of the badge or uniform , or certainty croupt you can get away with murder intent or breaking several different laws tampering with evidence. Well if the la paz parker sheriff’s or troopers call them tribal land tough call or Lucero victims rights don’t except much there history has proven there the worse service and they fuck up the investigation on purpose. (So if I have to put my name on one else had too) when sitting I will sue the state no talking my daughter’s case was not ok and still isn’tdumbest
    bunch you did do me a favor though I won my civil complaint you did violate our rights I have a lot to say about you junk and jive here in Arizona good luck getting a trial they don’t care or tribal picking it up taking it to counsel.kill two young women and walk 😲 wow don’t matter governor douchy republicanly your a joke . It’s never gonna get cloóser wrong skin color too sorry but they seemed to not like natives americqns. either

  11. Susie Angel damn. No justice for the family if it is him

  12. Parker Live

    June Scott I’ve asked about that, but I don’t have any info yet.

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