When was the last time it rained?

Q: It seems like a very long time since we had rain. Do you have records?

A: We do! And you’re right; it’s been a long time. The last time the National Weather Service recorded any measurable rain in Parker, AZ was March 8th, 2010. That’s over 5 months without any precipitation, and it includes monsoon season!

The year started out unusually wet, with 2.16 inches of rain by the end of January. We added 62 one-hundredths of an inch on March 8th, bringing the year total-to-date to 2.78 inches.


  1. I wonder if I am the only person on Earth to win RAIN in a radio contest? August 25, 2009 — it was the only rain I had last summer.

    Thank you, KLPZ’s You Call It Fridays!

  2. I hate no storms….I do like them sometimes…

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