Today’s election is not a primary

Today is Arizona’s Presidential Preference Election (called the PPE by election officials). This is NOT the primary election. The primary election will take place on August 28th and will be open to ALL properly registered voters.

The election being held today is a preference election and is strictly for Republicans and Green Party voters. The purpose of this election is to let the respective parties know which candidate of each party the voters prefer at this time. This election is strictly an information gathering event for the political parties and will not determine which candidate will become the nominee for that party. The Democratic Party has chosen not to participate in this election because they already know which candidate they will nominate. The winner of the PPE will not necessarily become the nominee for the party.

If you do not vote in today’s election, you will still be eligible to vote in August.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the La Paz County Recorder’s Office at (928) 669-6136.

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