A ‘device’ found in Parker, criminal investigation opened


A device is being examined by the Arizona Department of Public Safety after an anonymous phone call alerted police to its location Thursday in Parker.

At around 8:20am, the Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department received a call from an anonymous source informing them that there was a suspicious package that had been left at 12055 Kennedy Drive, near the Dialysis Center and IHS Hospital off Agency Road.

An immediate lockdown was established on the surrounding buildings with a perimeter maintained by first responders until the DPS Hazardous Materials unit from Kingman, AZ and the SWAT/Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit from Phoenix, AZ could respond. The teams arrived on the scene at 10:52am to conduct an investigation of the device and an ‘all clear’ was given at 11:34am.

CRIT P.D. says the device was recovered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and sent to a DPS forensic lab for “processing and further investigation”.

Law enforcement agencies did not say whether the device was capable of exploding or what evidence there was that would give any indication of where it came from.

A CRIT P.D. press release said, “At this time this is an open and ongoing criminal investigation,” and appealed for any information from members of the public. The FBI Lake Havasu City Field Office can be reached at (928) 854-7150, CRIT P.D. can be reached at (928) 669-1277, La Paz County Sheriff’s Office can be reached at (928) 669-2281 and Parker P.D. can be reached at (928) 669-2265.

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