Mosley now accused of sexism at the legislature

A state representative who made international news last week after Parker Live first reported his fateful traffic stop in Parker, AZ is now under fire for allegedly sexist comments made at the legislature.


According to The Arizona Republic, the freshman lawmaker “has asked whether people are married, why they don’t have children and why working mothers aren’t, instead, home with their children.”

The allegations began last week when the owner of a public policy firm who saw our article on Mosley’s speeding incident wrote a public Facebook post in response.

“When I first went in to lobby this man he told me I shouldn’t be in his office because he was told I had 6 month twins at home and didn’t know how I was feeding them when at work,” Meghaen Dell’Artino wrote. “He proceeded to tell me that I must be working because my husband doesn’t make enough and continued down the path of I must not be pro family because I’m a working mom.”

J.D. Mesnard, the top official at the Arizona House of Representatives, said he could not publicly discuss concerns or complaints that were made in confidence, but that he was made aware of the interaction between Mosley and Dell’Artino shortly after it happened, and was “expressly asked not to formally pursue the matter” by Dell’Artino, according to the Republic.

Many of you know I grew up in Lake Havasu. When I first went in to lobby this man he told me I shouldn’t be in his…

Posted by Meghaen Duger Dell’Artino on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Mosley’s house of cards started to fall last week. News of how he bragged to a La Paz County cop about driving up to 130 miles per hour went viral across the world after Parker Live broke the story on Wednesday night. Our copy of the Sheriff’s Department’s body camera video, obtained via public records request, was seen hundreds of thousands of times.

By late Thursday, every major Arizona news outlet including Fox 10 Phoenix, AZ Family (Ch 5), NBC 12 News, ABC 15, The Arizona Republic and many others had covered the story. By Friday morning, it was on Fox News, Newsweek, USA Today and many other national outlets. And by the end of the weekend, the story had been featured on Good Morning America and was covered by outlets in the UK, Australia, China and elsewhere.

The fallout from the incident includes:

  • a formal ethics complaint against Mosley filed by fellow House Republicans after the speeding incident, about which the ethics committee will consider action;
  • a formal censure by the Arizona Republican Party after a vote on Saturday;
  • a withdrawal of support by the Fraternal Order of the Police;
  • consideration of criminal charges by the Cochise County Attorney.

Mosley’s only public response about the incident was an apology he issued on his Facebook page, wherein he called his comments about speeding “jokes” and said he had shown bad judgment on the date in question. But reporters found that Mosley’s driving record includes 6 traffic stops for speeding since taking office in 2017, including two in a single day.

He is up for re-election this year.

See our original story. And our followup. Video coverage of the Mosley story by 12 News and ABC 15.


  1. Laurie Tomasino

    He hasn’t withdrawn from the election yet? Where’s the public’s recall on this man?

  2. Patti Marie

    Thank you for exposing this tool! No vote from me.

  3. Brian Humeumptewa

    ????nah nah nah nah hey hey good bye????

  4. Dani Bull

    He needs out of office!

  5. Connie Tucker Sommerville

    Sleeze bags don’t get my vote!

  6. Hal Cheetwood

    Get rid of him and get rid of the law that will allow that ever to happen again. No get out of jail free cards for anyone. Get your ticket and take it to the Judge.

  7. Why do ANY POLITICIAN get different laws to follow then the rest of us. Aren’t they currupt enough? What makes them better then the rest of us. If they break the law, they should do the time. That moron should of been put in those shinny cuffs and hauled off to jail. Cuz o do believe, 20 mph over posted speed limit is automatic free trip to jail. That’s what I’ve heard. Someone clarify if I’m wrong please.

  8. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    I suspected that he had been busted before since he already had his immunity plea already for the officer. I suppose this makes him a habitual offender?

    As for the sexist comments. I cannot specifically explain why, but it doesn’t surprise me. What does is the context of the complaint. I could only imagine her demeanor listening to him. My jaw would have dropped.

  9. Margaret Payne

    He was front page Havasu paper as well.

  10. Small town antics making national headlines. AWESOME!! Glad to see fellow politicians/political parties, etc. call him out so quickly! Hopefully they follow thru and we see this a-hole picking up trash as community service on the side of the road.

  11. Forget the sexest comments, let’s get back to the original complaint, speeding. That being said when we talk about speeding in la Paz county. Who doesn’t speed in la Paz county. Prove me wrong and observe the people around you on your way home from work today. How many are going the speed limit? Ok, you drive at the speed limit… How many times do you have pissed off people tailgateing you? Here’s a bit of information you haters should know. A couple of weeks ago I was leaving Havasu on my way home to Parker. I stopped at Terribles at the end of town for gas. I observed a la Paz county sheriff getting gas as well. I assumed he was on his way to work because he was dressed in full uniform. After pummping my gas I got back on the Hwy and continued twards Parker. A few feet down the road I see that same sheriff coming up behind me at a high rate of speed. So, I gas it a little so I’m now going a little over the speed limit. It didn’t matter. I couldn’t get out of this guys way fast enough. He flew past me passing me on the right side. I was doing 70 mph so I speed up to get an estimate on how fast this guy was going. I finely backed off at about 90 mph. He was still pulling ahead, I estimated his speed at about 120 mph. He must have been late for work. My piont is that why should we treat someone else as if they are a dirty criminal when the very people that are working to bust someone who is breaking the law are breaking the law in the exact same way. How can we justify our anger twards Mr. Mosley without being just as angry with our own law enforcement for what they do that’s illegal as well? For Gods sake la Paz county give the public a reason to respect and trust you!!!

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