Arrests made for burglary

Parker Police Department

On 1-10-13 at approximately 9:15 pm Parker Police received a call of suspicious persons in the 1400 block of Laguna Ave. After further investigation CRIT and Parker PD discovered the persons to be in possession of stolen bicycles. Inside of their back packs were bolt cutters and screwdrivers. The suspects were arrested by CRIT PD for burglary, possession of stolen property, criminal damage, and violation of probation. The arrest of these two burglars was made possible because someone had taken the time to call and report suspicious persons in their neighborhood.

The Parker Police department also received a phone call yesterday reporting persons selling propane tanks from the pack of a white pick-up truck. This information enabled us to identify the suspects and we are currently searching for them to discuss the rash of thefts of propane tanks in our community during the last few weeks. The Parker Police Department appreciates all the support and asks everyone to report suspicious circumstance at (928) 669-2265.