Viewfinder: Boat sinks at Fox’s

In photos: A boat sank at Fox’s bar on the Parker Strip on Saturday. A group of around 30 people tried to use ropes to pull the boat toward the shore, tug-of-war style, but the boat didn’t move much. No word on what happened later (perhaps some of our readers know?). Memorial Day weekend, 2021.


  1. Yeah 30 people are gunna be able pull a few thousand pound boat out of the flow of the river that weigh millions.????????‍♂️????

  2. Need another boat to tow…

  3. LaDonna Reese … did you see this happen??

  4. Nikki Hernandez Ware Was Tom Ware at the river this weekend??!! ????

  5. Dru Bazant why do we miss all the action?

  6. One less boat full of drunks on the water

  7. Ryan Babin we were literally on the other side! Right when this happened

  8. Rachel Harris Murray Ryan Dromgoole ⚓️

  9. Maranda Chambers the uss submarine ????????‍♂️

  10. Ryan Dromgoole B.O.A.T ????

  11. How cute… drunk people are always so helpful

  12. Cindy Colangelo-Leighton omg!! No but could have been him. He’s testing it this weekend, fingers ????

  13. Nikki Hernandez Ware ????????

  14. Well, I remember driving along 95 near Parker and an old man’s car had broken down in the right hand lane. I stopped, and another woman stopped and we pushed his off to the side of the road. A hundred cars must have passed us and no one else stopped to help us. We all could have died out there. At least these people tried. Go La Paz County!

  15. No, I’m not there anymore. ????

  16. LaDonna Reese are you still in the area??

  17. Ryan Dromgoole gnarly brother sorry about your boat

  18. This is why you check to make sure the plug is in!!!

  19. Hate McHaterson

    DAMN wakeboard boats!!!

  20. Looks like a smaller boat, probably took on water from wakeboard boats!! Wouldn’t be the first time!

  21. Tana Thomas-Rivas here’s your award for ignorant comment of the day????

  22. Eric Munson WOW!!! You must be a wakeboard owner! Your rude and ignorant yourself!! Have you BEEN to the river!! Many small boats have sunk due to the wakes! Keep your award!!

  23. Tana Thomas-Rivas not being rude and promise you I’m far from ignorant. However I can explain why your original comment was. Damaging wakes on weekends aren’t a product of one type of boat. They’re a product of congestion and the river’s geology. Blaming a type of boat for another sinking in those conditions is just like black *lies* matter groups saying all police are racist. I’ve seen everything from a flat bottom Sanger, to a 30+ft DCB plow ass in front of the bars trying for attention or to check out the “scenery”. And every one of them sent rollers in that could contribute to sink a small unprotected boat. Oh and it doesn’t take one wake to sink a small boat, it takes several passing boats, to splash enough water in to sink. Owners regularly tie off at the bars and wander off never checking on the boat. Perhaps that is what happened here, because if they’d checked on it and noticed water building in the hull the might’ve avoided this outcome. Or they could’ve put an inexpensive automatic bilge pump in.

  24. Eric Munson this would have been a more “friendly” response! your first one referring to me as ignorant was rude! You don’t know me! People need to remember to be kind!

  25. Eric Munson, wakeboard wakes were invented to be tall, close together and obnoxious, you gotta be kidding us that they are not the cause of a lot of damage on the river in the last 10 yrs. Take them to the lake and everyone (except the people on the lake) will be much happier.

  26. Someone forgot to put the drain plug back in.

  27. Seen the kid coming in with his own wake following him, the bad thing is he had to call his Dad to tell him he sank his boat. No insurance either.
    The good thing is nobody got hurt, alls it would’ve took is someone throwing a cigarette into the water with the GAS that was leaking out and the whole bar could’ve gone up. it happens a couple times a year.

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