Viewfinder: County tests over 300 people for COVID in testing blitz

UPDATE: 303 people were tested, 5 were positive, and 97 percent tested were asymptomatic.


La Paz County has tested over 300 people for COVID-19 in its 2-day testing blitz last weekend.

“The results will be available for everyone within 2 to 4 days and we will put out an updated message on any new positive cases,” said Jenna McDaniel, the County’s Public Information Officer.

“A huge thanks to everyone that helped us make this happen, Arizona National Guard, CRIT, Buckskin and Parker Fire Departments, Parker Police, Sonora Quest, La Paz County Public Health and Health Department, nurses, teachers and several volunteers!” she said.


  1. Laurie Tomasino

    So what’s the goal here?

    Find all the asymptomatic people lock um down for 14 days?

    Trace anyone that may have been in contact with them, lock them down for 14 days?

  2. Tim Hamilton

    Laurie Tomasino only the people who comment on facebook

  3. John D. Croteau

    They did a great job!!
    Very organized, professionally done and SAFE!!

  4. Lisa Engel-Delancy

    Laurie Tomasino how about, let’s find out what the REAL numbers are! Let’s wait till the results from this testing blitz comes back. Maybe once we have a baseline, we can see what needs to be adjusted. Maybe MAYBE the numbers won’t be that bad and we can think about having CRIT stay at home modified.

  5. Laurie Tomasino

    Lisa Engel-Delancy see the whole thing is you could test negative, walk into Walmart come in contact with an asymptomatic person and now become asymptomatic yourself. So where does it end. It’s doesn’t, it’s ridiculous.

  6. Glenda Gustin

    a lot of discussions at work are about that: that the information will be used to confine us even more and interfere with our lives even more. a lot of people I know beleive that many many more people have been exposed to covid-19 than is realized meaning some of the behaviors that have been instituted are ridiculous and can be sopped and we can have a normal life again. we’re very anxious to see. I couldn’t go because i had to work and they really couldn’t spare me but some others from work went, and my family (not living with me) has been tested. But the most important thing out of this is that IF you have antibodies you are probably shedding antibodies go take off your clothes and dance on the tables we NEED your antibodies–seriously though it means you can have and live your life again. We all are waiting.

  7. Laurie Tomasino

    Another question I have not been able to get any answers to is, out of the positive cases as of late, what is the severity? Are there any hospitalizations?

    I know my cousin a cardiac nurse in MI got it, she is high risk and she said that it was no picnic, it was like a severe cold and she has since recovered as have MANY others.

    We don’t live in a risk free world, anything and everything we do comes with risks. We can’t stop living, for fear of dying.

  8. Jimmy Hall Sr.

    That should make a spike

  9. Glenda Gustin

    We have 9000 people in the county, not to mention the folks that shop and work here. That’s such a small number but better than none.

  10. Glenda Gustin

    Laurie Tomasino a lot of us think there are two ways to get through this virus: get it or wait for a vaccine that may never come or has its own problems when it does. I think it should be left up to individuals choice. I don’t see the difference between that and the high risk hobbie some people have.

  11. Laurie Tomasino

    Can’t tell me that none of the positive cases aren’t on this or any other Parker site.

    Why is no one talking about their experience?

  12. P-TOWN making them federal dollars. Kingman gets 3 million

  13. Jason Ball

    Too little, too late

  14. Renee Palermo

    Didn’t you know that we’ve moved on from the virus to riots??

  15. Terilyn Gary

    Glenda Gustin it will help with followup contact tracing for those that test positive to identify others at risk

  16. Sammy Fernandez

    their is know limit of how many times you get locked can be locked down for 14 days with no signs,just for being next to a positive person.

  17. Sammy Fernandez

    and if you have kids and you test positive then CPS will take your kids

  18. Sammy Fernandez

    don’t look away to the riot.Bruce lee says that if you take your eye off the prize that you’ll miss all the glory.

  19. Sammy Fernandez

    like why are their no spike,in case where the riots are

  20. Lawny Reese Caracci

    That’s great testing was offered in Parker, and looks like done the right way. however hopefully the results will come in faster then the may 16 Havasu blitz. It took 13 to 14 days for some to get their results. Should have been 36hrs to 4days max, Sonora quests response was, they were overloaded due to so many testing sites and couldn’t get the results out to people waiting with anxiety & having to stay home. 13 to 14 days too long to have to wait.

  21. Laurie Tomasino

    Glenda Gustin from what I’m hearing it’s not as bad (for most) as being reported.
    So we shut down the world….SMFH.

  22. Terilyn Gary

    Glenda Gustin hmmm that high risk hobby is someone elses choice until that fast car irresponsibly runs over or collides with you or someone u care about… then you can talk

  23. Laurie Tomasino

    Terilyn Gary let me begin by asking you if you have known anyone personally who has it, had it or died from it?

    And maybe you shouldn’t drive a car then either, if there’s a risk of a fast car, or maybe even a slow moving a street sweeper colliding or running you over.

    Living doesn’t come risk free.

  24. Laurie Tomasino

    Sammy Fernandez because it’s all BS!

  25. Pretty strange how the reporting now how’s it going is Hospital admittances are down way down fatalities are declining but as soon as 10 new cases come up everybody freaks out

  26. John, I have always considered u and melissa friends. We always have agreed to disagree. Yes I take digs at you. Its always been in fun.i call u john wrong only because your name is john Wright. Friends tell me every day I have a big mouth. I take that as a compliment. I laugh, I say yep your right. If I offended you in anyway I truly apologized. Sad when u moved to Phoenix. Miss your show and when u fill in for keith., sincerely sam camarata

  27. Sam – Thanks for that. Hope you are keeping well. Appreciate your words! -JW

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