To The Editor: River so low!

The elevation of the Colorado River on the Parker Strip has been low, and people have been noticing!

Any news or ideas of why river has been so low this last week?”

– Margaret

It’s a good question, because when the river level is lower than usual, it can cause sandbars and rock to be exposed that isn’t ordinarily, which means more dinged props.

So, I asked the Bureau of Reclamation, which is the department of the federal government in charge of managing the volume of water that goes through Parker Dam (and therefore adjusts the water level on the Parker Strip).

Here’s what they said:

“Hurricane Rosa is heading up through the lower Colorado River area. Lots of rain is expected in the area. As such, our schedulers in Yuma Area Office have reduced the water orders out of Parker Dam to create space in Senator Wash and Brock Reservoir to capture runoff as well as water ordered but not diverted.”

In other words, it’s on purpose and has to do with our unusually wet forecast. While Parker Dam usually releases more than 4400 cubic feet per second, it dipped well below 4000 cfs in the last week.

So, you know, watch those props.



  1. Kimberly Rowland

    Do you know what the dates are for 2019 lowering the river to work on the sea walls and docks? Our sea wall is in need of some TLC. I want to be sure were there when it’s down.

  2. Parker Live

    It’s typically January, we’ll get more accurate dates probably in December.

  3. Ted Thomas

    It usually only goes down a foot.

  4. Kimberly Rowland

    They use to drop it like a lot. We could walk up river. It was at least 50ft from our sea wall. That was about 15 years ago.

  5. River’s are for jets!

  6. has the river level come up yet?

  7. Trains of abuses and usurpation. Developments that fail legislative due processes. People making decisions that are not theirs to make. Growth outside established communities threaten water resources of the SW. The loss of agriculture, increase heat/weather inversions, loss of natural ecosystems that absorb moisture and contribute to runoff in dry times. Understanding US Constitution, The federalist Papers by Publius, the organizational structure of our representative republican government. State and Federal Jurisdictions being usurped by developers and county officials. To protect Arizona’s long established communities understanding what is right and what isn’t is everyone’s responsibility.

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