A third and fourth person have died from COVID in La Paz County

A third person and fourth person have died from complications of COVID-19 in La Paz County amid an uptick in cases.

The latest was an individual from the Parker service district who was over the age of 65 and hospitalized outside the County. The other was also over 65, hospitalized outside the County. The individual is from the Ehrenberg service district and had underlying health conditions.

The County has seen a rapid uptick in cases over the course of the last few weeks, mostly on the CRIT reservation, which is being hit as hard as many other Native American reservations nationwide.

The current total for the County is 222 and the state of Arizona is now identified as one of the nation’s hotspots. With each new case, the County Health Department interviews close contacts and recommends each person monitor for symptoms and quarantine themselves, based on risk exposure.

The previous two deaths were members of the same household.

Parker Live’s timeline of COVID-related news for La Paz County can be found HERE.


  1. Kathi Jean Andrews

    Low numbers are a good thing.

  2. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    Kathi Jean Andrews One is too many!! How can you say it’s okay to have “low numbers”? What is wrong with you people?

  3. Kathi Jean Andrews

    Low numbers are a good thing. No death is ever okay, but no one gets out of this life alive, period. Nothing wrong in that at all. You’d be happier with higher numbers? Exactly what’s wrong with you?!?

  4. Janelle Wickizer Noble

    John Stephen Lane Sr. Stop driving your car…. cars have killed more people in the same amount of time…. oh and ban boats… they have killed more people than the coronavirus has in the same amount of time. Might as well ban all pools… they kill more people to.
    Stop with the over reacting. Stop thinking there’s something wrong with people going on with their lives.
    We have 22000 residents in La Paz county.
    Less than 300 have tested positive for coronavirus since Jan … that’s 5 and a half months. And out of those only 4 have died.
    We do understand it makes you sad… but the other 21,700 need to go on with living.

  5. Kathi Jean Andrews

    Janelle Wickizer Noble exactly! #StayFree

  6. Well said Janelle, time for everyone to wake up this has gone too far and need to continue living as well as the younger generation need to get back to school.

  7. isn’t the sand bar across from Bluewater casino and cliffs by Hedgegate dam on C.R.I.T land ???
    Why isn’t that area shutdown like the rest of the CRIT owned property???
    Everyone else can enjoy the river EXCEPT those that live here????

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