Sheriff’s vehicle strikes, kills, pedestrian in Parker

A man was killed when a Sheriff’s deputy struck him while he was attempting to cross the street in the town of Parker. An investigation will be led by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

On November 10th at around 6:30 pm, Jose Sanchez was struck and killed while attempting to cross Riverside Drive (AZ-95) between Walmart and McDonalds in the town of Parker.

The motor vehicle involved was a La Paz County Sheriff’s Department marked patrol unit being operated by a Deputy Sheriff. Sheriff William Ponce said that he has requested the Arizona Department of Public Safety investigate the incident.

“The request for an outside agency to investigate is not an uncommon request and is done so to ensure the public’s trust,” Ponce said in an email to Parker Live. “The La Paz County Sheriff’s Department is fully cooperating with Arizona DPS to meet the needs of their investigation. Upon completion all findings will made public.”

Ponce said he understands that the public wants to know what happened, but that he did not want to make “premature speculations”, saying it would be “both unprofessional and insensitive.”

“A complete and accurate investigation takes time to complete and we remain committed to providing that for the citizens of La Paz County.”


  1. Cop must’ve been distracted. How do you not see someone?

  2. Michelle Scott maybe both at fault one distracted and the other walking in the dark where he shouldn’t of, im sure theirs proper places to walk across.

  3. Michelle Scott 6:30pm it’s dark outside and most people wear dark color clothing.

  4. Usually the investigation is done at the time the accident occurs. Why have so many days passed before the investigation?

  5. Accidents happen, blessings to both the deceased and the deputy.

  6. Michelle Scott you do know a sgt was killed out on i-10 a year ago.. the truck driver couldn’t see him

  7. premature speculations”, saying it would be “both unprofessional and insensitive.”

    Means PONCE is gonna blame Joe..

  8. Jose was always a cool friendly guy with me and mine, I’ll miss him. That’s a horrible spot, still too damn dark. He did have the tendency to wear dark clothes, but still. He was my best friend’s cousin, she was at the hospital before they flew him out. We’ll miss you Jose, RIP.

  9. Dawn McGuireit’s not that dark right there. Other parts of Parker are way darker.

  10. Justin Kazeyea that’s totally different story. I’m talking about this one.

  11. Michelle Scott I lived there for 20+ years it’s pretty dark. And someone dressed in anything but neon won’t be seen. Don’t assume the officer did wrong until the investigation is complete.

  12. premature speculations”, saying it would be “both unprofessional and insensitive.”
    That means ponce is gonna say its Joe’s fault

  13. so y’all do realize that regardless of if the officer could see him, regardless if he was walking “somewhere he shouldn’t have”, this man was still hit and killed by an officer in a patrol unit. Accidental or not, investigation completed or not, it is still going to be the officer’s fault that this man will not see another day and his loved ones will never get the joy of seeing him alive again. these comments are insensitive, and victim blaming.

  14. Justin Kaze this comment is insane bc the community was in an absolute uproar about getting justice and repercussions to the driver of the truck in the incident you are referring to. Please explain to me why this same energy is not being returned to this man who even if it was an accident is still dead.

  15. Unfortunately the only places to cross without jaywalking is at each stop light. (Walmart, Terrible’s and Chambers) , I live down the road from USA gas and I’ll be dam if I have to walk down to Walmart or Terrible’s to cross just to go to Jack in The Box.
    I wonder… if the blame goes on Jose for not using the cross walk, how many tickets are being given for jay walking?? I see people all the time running across.. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 So sad, for all involved.

  16. Cail Brault let me ask you a question then. How come a pedestrian CAN’T SEE A FULL SIZE TRUCK COMING DOWN THE HIGHWAY AND WHY DID HE CROSS THE ROAD ILLEGALLY ?

  17. Justin Kaze I-10 doesn’t have street lights on it. And the speed limit on the 10 is like 65-75 mph. I believe the speed limit near Walmart in Parker is like 35 and there are street lights. That is the difference.

  18. Lia McCabe not only that, but if he was wearing dark clothing as MOST people do these days, AND the road recently redone.. black on black is nearly invisible at night and with cars headlights super bright, a pedestrian IS invisible

  19. Michelle Scott how do you know? It was dark sunset is at 5:30 now a days. If the man was dressed in dark clothes it makes it even harder to see. If bright lights were on with oncoming traffic that could of been a factor Let’s let the investors do their job.

  20. Cail Brault negative you don’t know that

  21. Lia McCabe thats a chance you take not crossing at the light. Just because you see people crossing there all the time don’t mean an officer sees it. There’s 4 different law enforcement agencies right here in Parker alone.

  22. Raymond Meza it is premature to speculate. Everyone just want to point blame . Let DPS finish their investigation.

  23. Melissa Diaz Your right 4 different agencies, and one that patrols just within the city limits alone, thank goodness Parker is a small town.

  24. people that say these things ^^^ are the same people who would be rioting for jail time if the roles were reversed and the officer was the one that was killed. I digress.

  25. Cail Brault you don’t know me, you are very wrong! People need to stop being recliner quarterbacks and let the investigation be finished.

  26. Lia McCabe Negative all of them patrol within the city limits Crit police department patrols within the city limits as well as Dps while they’re driving through and so does the sheriff department. Any one of those for agencies campsite someone for jaywalking speeding etc.

  27. Melissa Diaz Melissa Diaz you’re not understanding though that’s why I and many others who are from this community are upset, the conclusion of the investigation is not going to change that Joe Sanchez is dead, and the only people the probable conclusion could relieve is the people who are not suffering such a terrible loss. Put yourself in the shoes of this man’s family, would you be under a parker live post talking about ‘come on now guys let em finish their investigation my loved one might be at fault for his own death’. i doubt it. 🤡

    maybe I don’t know you but I definitely stand by what I said given the way you’re relentlessly trying to push your opinion on literally everyone up in this comment section 🤣 you can’t sway me ma’am please have the night you deserve.

  28. Michelle Scott actually it’s dark right there the street light is out currently and was at the time of the accident

  29. Melissa Diaz I was on scean with both of Joe’s daughters recording witness statements .. do you know how my stepdaughters identified there dad? The wind blew the yellow cover off his head and they immediately recognized there dad. While yards away sheriff ponce was standing in a group laughing having a great ol time..I have a video of it if you care to see..I also have a video of me yelling ANOTHER COVER UP the scean. We get out there and we fight

  30. Melissa Diaz apparently this is a real big issue. Let me rephrase.. There is only one department that is limited to patrol within the Town of Parker and only within the Town of Parker, while the other two or three have a larger range.

  31. NEGATIVE All 4 patrol while driving in the town limits. ANY of them can stop a vehicle issue a citation or make contact with people not crossing the street the correct way. I’ve received a written warning by DPS in the town limits. What makes you think only Parker PD patrols while driving through the town?

  32. People cross between Walmart and McDonalds all day long, they also cross at USA Gas and El Sarape. They wear dark clothing and they are hard to see even in the daylight. Scares me when I drive that 1/2 mile of Riverside.

  33. Unfortunately, this man was hit & killed. But in Arizona pedestrian’s (do not have the right of way) over vehicles unless they are in a crosswalk. Therefore legally speaking it is always the pedestrian’s fault. If it was you as a citizen driving driving your vehicle, you wouldn’t want it to be your fault. Just giving you facts!!!

  34. just to clarify we were in an uproar on the man who caused the accident. Who started the high speed chase. The truck driver was never charged.

  35. While I feel everyone’s entitled to their own opinions…you have to wonder if they would still feel the same if this happened to a family member of theirs…would you they be saying well if my son/daughter wasn’t jaywalking he/she would still be here….of course it’s easy to say or blame others…but I know if it was one of your loved ones you wouldn’t be singing this same song…cops aren’t above the law and should be held accountable just like everyone else. Regardless he was a soul, his life mattered..there are 2 young women who will never get to hug or hear thier fathers voice again.they too are victims could we try and be a little more respectful for them. Prayers to Johnnie and girls love you guys.

  36. Just a concerned resident

    I was always taught, that at NIGHT walking along the side of the road or anywhere close to road, wear light colors. Everything I pass someone up river at night, walking or riding a bike, they 99% of the time have dark cloths and are right on the edge of the road. I also was always taught the you walk facing traffic. If you must walk on the edge, please move off the road some as traffic is getting close to you.
    Now I have almost hit someone in that exact spot in town. But was day time. Right when the sun was going down and my sun glasses werent the best. And my visor wouldn’t go any lower. I thank God that I put my hand up to block where my visor stopped….I hit the brakes and I had new enough tires they stopped in enough time… scared the crap out of me.

  37. He was a friend of my children when we lived in parker back in 98 -2001. RIP young man.

  38. He was most likely intoxicated. He was my friend but he was always walking in the street drunk and moved slow. Not trying to talk down on Joe but I doubt it was Ponce fault. Cover up? For what it as an accident so let the police do thier job. RIP Joe at least your in a better place than this he’ll on earth. Now you have people all of a sudden on your side when they didn’t give u the time of day when you was alive. Rest easy bro

  39. This is why people should use crosswalks!

  40. Lia McCabe smh How do you figure only one agency patrols within the town limits? 04 Agencies Dr. through the streets in the town of Parker and Are actually patrolling While they are driving through the streets in the town of Parker. I do you think if they’re driving through the streets in the Town Of Parker and they see somebody speeding that unless they are Parker Police Department third not gonna pull over Whoever might be speeding? All for agencies that drive through the town also patrol while they’re driving through the Town Of Parker Street just so you know.

  41. I should rewrite my post and make it about 4 police departments and people in dark clothing.. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂😂😂😂

  42. Melissa Diaz never knew any of them can stop a vehicle. Wow that’s crazy. Coming from a family of Police Officers, I really need to pay more attention. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂

  43. Even CRIT patrols through the town of Parker not just in the valley. Apparently you don’t consider the fact that highway patrol in the sheriff department drive around through the Town Of Parker to get from point a to point B as also patrolling go figure

  44. The only question I got wrong on my Arizona written DL test was that pedestrians have the right of way in Arizona! No matter where they are on the road!

  45. I know the family, Mr. Sanchez is devistated, as well as his siblings and many other family members. Healing will take time.

    Regardless of the circumstances, Jose was crossing a busy highway, at a place that I’m sure is popular and used by alot of people in town. It seems this was well known to locals and law enforcement. I understand he was in a crosswalk.

    If this area was deemed dangerous for pedestrians, why wasn’t a warning or other alternatives put in place by the city? Why was the officer going so fast in such a populated area? Don’t they have to obey the law too?

    My heart goes out to all, the family and friends of Jose, and to the officer involved and his family. I can only imagine his nightmares. None the less, a crime was committed and someone has to be held accountable.

  46. Cail Brault

    Wow- you think the cop did it intentionally???
    Just stop
    It’s tragic
    No one cares what you think

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