First Supervisors Meeting of 2011: Agenda

Items of note in Monday’s agenda of the Board of Supervisors regular meeting:
  • Rezone 3.65 acres in Vicksburg for future land division
  • Amendment to Final Plat Map on River Edge Estate in Parker
  • Waiver of zoning fee for property at 9195 Sunset Drive in Parker
  • Proclaim January 2011 ‘National Stalking Awareness Month’
  • Vacate and abandon a portion of Riverside Drive at the Rivers Bend Subdivision
  • Approve funding of $200,000 to the La Paz Economic Development Corporation for 2011
  • Approve budgeted purchase of a used lawn mower for the greens at Emerald Canyon Golf Course, $7200
  • Approve budgeted purchase of a used Gator utility vehicle, $1,875
  • EXECUTIVE SESSION: Yakima (not open to the public)
  • Formally retain the services of an attorney as discussed in executive session

The meeting will be held at 10am on Monday, January 3rd, 2011 at the Supervisors Boardroom at 1108 Joshua Avenue in Parker.


  1. Great! We’re going to piss away more money on lawyers over Yakima.

  2. Looks like it. And $200,000 to develop Parker South Park!

  3. Lost, I’m willing to bet the 200K is a payoff to someone somewhere. We’ve seen this game played before in Quartzsite

  4. Payoff? In La Paz County? NEVER! Why would a corporation formed by people with direct interests in Parker South,, be interested in getting free money to advance their interests? Remember Tierra Buena???

  5. I wonder why the good people of La Paz County put up with this? We are broke, financially and morally, we tolerate the hiring of relatives by the Board Of Supervisors, and persecutions by the justice system… that is supposed to defend our rights and freedoms, and the people do not rise up. It’s as if the whole world is upside down here. Right is wrong, good is bad, evil is respected, etc.. How did a small county get to be so far gone???

    I have a theory but if I dare mention it John will censor me.

    What was Tierra Buena?

  6. Ask the Town of Parker residents. Only the biggest debacle in Parker South to date. Some out of town investors wanted to build a sub development if the town would put in water lines and other infrastructure. After spending millions in water infrastructure the deal fell apart. Just another in the long line of bad decisions in the name of Parker South. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  7. Who, or what, caused the deal to fall apart

  8. It was a sham from the beginning. Inside deals among council members and Tierra Buena. Some council members wanted to pay for all the infrastructure costs and some for none. Tierra Buena was being advertised locally as a way to get low priced homes for workers while their investors touted it as a great way for Phoenix area investors to own homes and then RENT them to area residents. Wolves in sheeps clothing kinda thing. The council members that saw the scam won the battle and Tierra Buena turned tail.

  9. Now you really got me curious Lost. Did any of the bad council members get run out of town politics, or was it business as usual? Are the bad ones still in office? Or did good triumph over evil? I’m wondering if it had a happy ending ultimately

  10. Just as in Quartzsite, it was business as usual. The Town manager resigned and went to destroy yet another community. The same folks behind building the County maintenance facility and fairground on LEASED BLM land in Parker South Park were involved with the project. And the same folks that have property in South Park are stilll commited to wasting more money out there. DId you know that of the entire vast amount of land that makes up South Park that only about 640 acres are publicly owned?? What a sham.

  11. Kind of what I figured it. What can we do to unf*!% this county? We got rid of Dan Field here in Quartzsite but you guys in Parker must like him, being the Grand Master of Politics!

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