142-wheeler rolls through Parker

In case anyone thought Parker had already seen more than its share of big rigs, check out these photographs of a special convoy wide load, hauled by American Heavy Moving & Rigging and escorted by the Arizona Department of Public Safety through the Parker area yesterday.

The main ‘trailer’ – the custom-designed ‘Alpha 1’ – has 136 wheels (17 rows of 8), and is capable of towing 700,000 pounds. The rear is steered independently by operators at the back. It can back up, travel sideways, or crab in any direction. The whole thing is towed by a giant Kenworth truck. The China, CA company’s website boasts, “If it can be moved, we’ll move it.”

In this case it appears their primary payload is an industrial transformer for the power industry. These would arrive via cargo ship from overseas and be loaded directly onto the vehicle for delivery in the continental United States. Presumably the highway infrastructure intersecting in the Parker area is especially suited for these hauls.

Thanks to Susan W. for these photographs.

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