Quartzsite to get new Mayor

In tonight’s recall election results, Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster lost to Jose Lizzaragga, despite a rally on Saturday pledging support for his fight to bring openness and transparency to Quartzsite politics.

The unofficial results show that Lizzaragga won by around 60 votes. The new mayor is a former councilman who resigned to run against Foster.

Foster vows to run again in the spring.


  1. You get the government you deserve!!!

  2. It’s to bad, but at least a lot of outside attention has been drawn to Quartzsite’s problems. Hopefully outside authorities can fix it, because it’s obvious Quartzsite voters can’t.

    We’ll end this with a quote from a comment on the article “Legislators to speak at Quartzsite Liberty Fest Saturday.”

    “The problem is nobody recalls, and that is why we have the mess we have. Your lovely mess called La Paz County Government is actually worse off than qsite. Good luck with that. Quartzsite on the other hand didn’t roll over and kept on and kept on and kept on recalling the traitors. Recalls work, but only if you do…. ” – Mike Roth

    Recalls work? Really?

  3. Yes they do. All of the pressure we have been putting on them has caused them to do all kinds of insane things. If we hadn’t been applying the pressure to recall them they would’nt have reacted the way they have and we would not have ALL of the outstanding YouTube moments we’ve had. You can lose a battle but still win the war Uncommon sense!

    Or, in your world you can do nothing. But that’s how you get 20 MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS IN DEBT!!! Go back to sleep uncommon sense. It’s more comfortable for you there!

  4. How soon until the Qsite council returns power to the mayor, now that Mr. Foster is out?

  5. They probably won’t return power to the mayor as they are nothing but a bunch of collectivists!

  6. Wow sorry to see Jose got in. Things may only get worse now for QTZ.

  7. It’s always darkest just before the dawn!

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