Parker Live is safe!


Good morning!

Many of you tried to access Parker Live this morning and found that we’d apparently been hacked. Well the good news is, as you can see, we’ve emerged from the attack unscathed.

It is important for you to know that Parker Live is a safe website to visit. At no time was your individual computer or smartphone actually at risk (only the illusion thereof). This was an attack on the server of our hosting provider, not on our computers or yours.

For those curious about the nature of the attack itself, the information I’ve gotten from our hosting provider says that it affected thousands of websites at the same time. At around 4am EST, their system administration team identified a “website defacement attack” that they’re still investigating now. The defacement made it look as though we were infected with malware, but it was merely superficial.

Obviously we’ll want to find out how their security was breached on such a mass scale, and will pass along any updates we have. But, rest assured, this affects only the server and you can continue to use Parker Live as safely as ever before.

Sorry for the scare!



  1. Whew, that was close. I feel safe already! Thanks John!!!


    Maybe it was the hordes of people listening in on this…
    (or the nsa, “Now Spying on Americans”, was trying to stop this from getting it out, yeah that was probably part of the problem too.)

  2. anotherdayinparadise

    Glad its back up. Some people have no intelligence and will use any situation to try and trash other people. Seems shannahnana rain golden hair wanted to make it seem like the hack was done because people are unhappy about Quartzsite news being reported here. Sounds to me that she is a bit jealous of a blog site that’s much better and more often used then hers.

  3. Computer hacking is a byproduct of operating-system backdoors, which both government and business entities alike had strong-armed software developers to incorporate into many applications, especially operating systems and browsers. This hadn’t been a problem, for example, with Windows 3.1, which was clean of backdoors, but then the feds and the Clinton Administration hadn’t sued Microsoft yet, either, the reason for which suit was to coerce MS into incorporating backdoor access for governmental surveillance (under the aegis of national security, of course). Perhaps Janet Reno felt that if she had had backdoor access to intel, the massacres at Ruby Ridge and Waco might’ve been prevented. The same government lawsuit had happened to PGP creator Phil Zimmerman, which encryption application now has a backdoor because he didn’t want to spend a lifetime in prison (few people alive are in possession of his original PGP, which has no backdoor). The same backdoor technology that is used by government is also used by commercial websites to track, snoop, and log our surfing behavior (as though it’s any of their business). Even now, when I just surfed to, I was notified of 5 unauthorized port scans from various IP addresses to my computer. How do I know? I use ZoneAlarm, which is by far the finest firewall one can hope to find for Windows, because it pauses all traffic to and from the Internet, until the user grants permission. Not even government surveillance can survive ZoneAlarm’s firewall, which is as sure as pulling the CPU power cord from the wall. Naturally, I opted to deny access from each IP address, because I interpret each as an attempt of violation of my privacy, which is why I was led to installing ZoneAlarm about 10 years ago. This hacking crap will continue so long as the public rolls over and plays dead to its privacy rights. Meantime, I never use a computer without ZoneAlarm to thwart uninvited exploits to my computer, however benign some may be. We would never stand for Peeping Toms looking into our home or office windows, yet millions of us make exceptions for all the websites we visit, not unlike never bothering to pull window shades at night. It’s a paradox defying comprehension.

  4. Jackal, or you could get one of these…

    But really, either way, they’ve got you… you might as well just be FREE

    Anotherdayinparadise, thanks for the intel, I never read that drivel, (maybe I should) thanks for keeping us informed here. Those two (or 20 depending on which alias they’re using), are something, aren’t they?

  5. The ZoneAlarm firewall on a PC effectively emulates an Apple box, security-wise. The downside of Apple is its proprietary technology, whereas much of PC technology is non-proprietary. A new proprietary mother board, for example, can cost more than the purchase price of a new box, whereas a PC motherbaord can be had for less than $100 from any number of outlets.

  6. That’ true, but I love the plug and play feature of my Mac. I buy a laptop and with a few clicks here and there I am up and running, no expensive security software to buy, and they usually last me about 5 years. Normally I average one to maybe two times in the life of my machine that it needs to go in for some repairs. The last time I sent my laptop in for repair I essentially got a new machine back as I bought a 5 year warranty and they sent it back to Apple for a complete overhaul. I got a new keyboard, new screen and the electronic gizmo inside that was broken, replaced.

    Whenever someone asks me about helping them buy a computer, I simply tell them to save $1200 to $1500 and get an Apple. You’ll have it for 5 years or more with VERY minimal problems. “But what about the Dell, it’s only $500!” Standard response, “You pay peanuts, you get monkeys”

    After 22 years on this platform, I’m not going to change. I tried to buy a PC back in the 90’s sometime and I hated it. You had to be a technical wizard to keep it running. After one year I gave it to a friend of mine who was a UNIX guru.

  7. anotherdayinparadise

    @ MR, don’t even waste your time going to that slob spot. It’s filled trash and lies. It nothing more then a extension of Alex and Gilbert’s mouths. And the wife Sandra even gets on there and runs her mouth and spreads her lies.

  8. an incestuous lot aren’t they?

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