Willett gets paid

La Paz County has settled it’s debt with Yakima Compost Company’s Jim Willett in an agreement signed yesterday.

The agreement comes as the County finalizes plans for a bond paid for by a temporary sales tax hike.

Details to follow.


  1. Congrats to Mr. Willett. He finally gets his money.

    Prepare now for the 20 years of debt slavery! Thank Dan Field and the Supes for all of their hard work the next time you see them…

  2. I will be sure I do that. They deserve the credit. Willett is a liar and a bad business man. He won the lottery with the past Board. Glad you lost Roth cause instead of a SMALL sales tax. Willett would have owned all county buildings and recreational facilities in the county. Thank you John, Sandy, Holly and Dan for all your hard work it is appreciated by many. Roth did you have another vacation on Tuesday?

  3. How did Willett Lie Shotzie?

    So you are saying you like higher taxes and living in a police state???

    Not too smart, not too smart!

  4. Here are your two Quartzsite hero’s shotzie


    Not too smart, not smart at all!

  5. Mr. Roth,

    Lets start with the lies. Willet stated he would put forward some of the funds for the Parker Pool. Then he went on a rant how he had no money to do so. Uhh okay. Next he stated he wanted to negotiate with the county. His negotiations were, I want everything (County Buildings, The Landfill, The County Park, The Golf Course and additional cash). That is not a negotiation that is asking the BOS to sell the souls of the citizens of this county. The current BOS paid him $500,000.00 in good faith. But Willett cares about the employees of this county so he goes after the payroll. Willett does not care about the citizens of this county at all. I say good buy and Thank You BOS. This was not their doing.

    Next, a half cent sales tax sucks. But to get this guy out of our hair is well worth it. Those who ran in 08 in his pocket, (no offense to you) has not platform. They and you were willing to sell the souls of the citizens of this county. In no way does this get anywhere near the word you used as SLAVERY!!

    Chalking! How old are you? The guy on Youtube hit the nail on the head. CHILDRENS’ CHALK!!! Out in Az rain will wash the chalk away in a few months at time, sometimes longer. If it is on public property there will be people who complain about whatever is scripted out. Well that takes TAX PAYER dollars and resources to clean up the mess. What if something a child should not see is TAGGED? Should we just wait for rain to fall and clean it up? It is not a 1st Amendment right to deface Public property. If that was the case, let’s soap the windows of the White House.

    You are a convicted misdemeanor criminal. Your actions show you have not reformed. God Bless you and help those who were willing to sell the souls of this county.

  6. First off, you don’t get to lie about me and get away with it. I never met Mr. Willett until AFTER the election. I had never even spoken to him until about 1.5 to 2 years AFTER the election. (because the loser Board Of Supervisors and Dan Field were only letting the debt grow) I am in NOBODY’S pocket.

    However, I was in the audience when his offer was NOT for ALL of the assets of the county like you say, he said either the landfill or the golf course, that’s it you liar. Now I don’t know if those were tradeable or not but Mr. Willett checked with the BLM and seemed to think that it was. I don’t know. But it would’ve been a better trade than the 20 years of debt slavery you and your friends and neighbors are going to pay. But since you are in the back pocket of someone at the BOS or the County, you are somehow compensated to smear the truth with your lies so this won’t really affect you.

    Now for the chalking, if you are so worried about the kids (dumb liberal argument) don’t you think a local government should honor our God given rights, and those guaranteed in the Constitution and the Bill or Rights? Seems that would be a wise thing to do for your liberal offspring, instead of teaching them to lick the boots of their masters.

    You see shotzie, here in Nazi police town we can’t even speak at the meetings. You can’t ask any questions about money or policy or anything. And the few times you do get to speak, if you say something “they” don’t like, you get a free night at the Gray Bar Hotel. (The place you like to automatically send people you disagree with)

    There’s nothing illegal about Chalking. There was no damage. And there were no death threats like lying Adolph Gilbert says there was. Just because Dilbert says something, doesn’t make it so. Have you seen the chalk of “Death To The Council” like Jeffy says there was? Show us the pics Herr Gilbert!!!

    What’s more childish, staying home and sucking your thumb while the American Way Of Life is being purposefully destroyed, or getting off your lazy ass and practicing civil disobedience with a stick of chalk?

    Some years in the future, when people look back on these situations, I’ll have been on the side of right and you will have been on the side of the coward traitors, drunk with imagined powers!!!

    P.S. 1:00 PM this Saturday afternoon, there’s going to be a chalking party on the steps of Quartzsite town hall. If any Americans with their hangy downs still intact want to leave a message for Lying Adolph Jeff Gilbert, come on over!!

    “convicted misdemeanor criminal, not reformed” LOL, that’s too rich!!!

  7. Does this mean Mr. Willett plans on honoring his comittment of a donation to the Town of Parker for the pool?

  8. Why don’t you ask HIM? Dan Field has his #.

    But I don’t see why he would or even should, look at how the mismanagers of this county treated him!

    And didn’t the town tear down the pool? I thought I saw that in the Parker Lyingeer

  9. Nothing illegal about chalking? Well, lets refer to Arizona Revised Statutes 13-1602.A5 which states:

    A. A person commits criminal damage by recklessly:
    5. Drawing or inscribing a message, slogan, sign or symbol that is made on any public or private building, structure or surface, except the ground, and that is made without permission of the owner.


    Chalking is legal when done ON THE GROUND. However, when you tag up walls and doors as Mr. Roth and Mr. Stadler did, it is criminal damage per Arizona Law. Nothing in the law says its ok if it can be washed off.

  10. Whatever you want to believe John Drum. (or someone equally dumb, if there is such a thing) Throw us in the cage and throw away the key! Aaaaargh!!!!

    I chalked no doors and no walls! Do you believe everything Herr Gilbert tells you to see and believe?

    You probably like higher taxes and less industry too, don’t you?

  11. First one shows nothing, and second link me no see doors or walls there either?

    You lost me. If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle ’em with your bullshit, I guess…

  12. OK, now I see the first one, I didn’t do that…

  13. But it’s true, and in this Nazi cop town, that form of civil disobedience ought to be rewarded!!!

  14. It takes a boatload of Common Sense to support these Nazi’s


    Tell me Common Sense, how big (or little) of a paycheck does it take for you to enslave your fellow human being???

  15. You have used the slavery metaphor a few times when referring to the Yakima situation. So lets go to that and get back on the main topic of the post. I’m not attacking you with this, its a genuine inquiry as to what YOUR solution would be had you been elected and not Holly. It’s an attempt at a serious conversation, I’m hoping we can have it without any insult tossing.

    I’d also like to clarify that this is NOT a support of the current BOS. Not even considering Yakima, this BOS needs to be voted out for their blatant nepotism. Drum getting family members hired during a hiring freeze and Holly creating a new and useless police department just for her husband are just a couple examples of this.

    The Yakima issue was created by the previous board (most notably Gene Fisher) back in 2003. The people who created it were voted out of office. The current board was handed the problem. The debt “slavery” you refer to was given to the county by a jury of county residents back in 2003, not by the new tax levied to pay for it.

    Every attempt to reverse and appeal the judgment failed. Just paying off the judgment was not an option. Even with massive budget cuts, the county could not make payments because the interest would continue to be compiled, wiping away any progress made from those payments. Even if enough was cut from the budget to pay to the principle, this option would cost the taxpayers millions MORE because of the interest that would accrue over the decades it was being paid off.

    Next option stated was giving Willett the dump or the park. Even if this was an option given BLM rules, this would give him a permanent county asset. Sure, it saves the taxpayers money NOW. But not in the long term. With Bond / Tax solution, the debt will be paid off in about 15 years. If we gave him the dump or the park, he (or his family) would still own those assets 30 years from now. 50 years from now. Do you think it is fair to take something away from future generations to pay off a mess made by THIS one?
    Not to mention that Willett demanded the park or dump AND 4 million cash for legal fees.

    Bankruptcy was an option. But even in bankruptcy the taxpayers would be paying millions. It would also make the county very undesirable (more than it already is) to future business, at a time when some large businesses are trying to come to the county (The solar towers are an example.) Again, it might be cheaper NOW, but would hurt the county and its taxpayers much more in the long term.

    What other options are there? The debt had to be paid and this county, for one reason or another, is to broke to pay it outright. That money has to come from the taxpayers. It sucks, but that’s the situation we’re in. In the end, it’s the taxpayers fault for electing idiot politicians for the past 25 years.

    With the Bond Solution, there is no more interest accruing on the debt. It is paid and the tax burden is as low as it possibly can be while still paying off the debt. Plus the tax burden is not only on county residents, but on the weekenders and snowbirds too. Its a tax that we can choose not to pay (Just shop in Havasu, Blythe, or Phoenix.) The sales tax sucks, but its the best solution to the problem.

    Yakima NEVER should have happened. But it did. Short of building a time machine, there’s nothing the BOS could have done to make it go away. While I will ABSOLUTELY be voting against the current board in 2012, they made the right call on Yakima. Although they should have done it right away in 2008 and saved some of the interest.

    So, had you been elected to the BOS in 2008, what would YOU have done? How would you have solved this problem?

  16. What would I have done? I would have negotiated with Mr. Willett. I would’ve picked up the phone and talked with him. I would have done exactly what I campaigned on, which everyone else promised, negotiate, not litigate. But once elected, all of the Supes. did exactly what Dan Field told them to do.

    Do you think it’s ok to lie to your constituents? That’s what the Supes and Dan Field have done.

    The problem with politicians is they lie. They lie a lot. I believe they lie MOST of the time!

    They will tell you this is just a little temporary tax. There is no such thing as a temp. tax. Once the camel has his nose under the tent, it’s only a matter of time before it’s all of the way in.

    The people who created this problem, the current and the previous board(s) (could’ve stopped the insanity several times during their tenure) are the same people who supported Holly. Remember, Mary Scott endorsed Holly. Why? Because her and Dan Field had their own little plan. Mary thought Holly and Dan could save her legacy (fat chance), and Dan was about to get run out of Quartzsite and by him supporting Holly he’d keep his government trough feeding career intact.

    With “leaders” like this running your county, no wonder Mr. Willett was FORCED to do what he did. IMHO Mr Willett is the unsung hero here because he stood up to the moronic politicians and prevailed.

    Debt IS slavery, and the failed leaders of this county have saddled an entire generation with this burden, which was completely unnecessary.

    The power to tax is the power to destroy. And once the snowbirds and weekenders see how much we are stiffing them, they’ll slowly find other places to spend their money. This is how the real world works. People vote with their feet. In fact, this is why there is no industry in this county. Why would any sane business want to set up shop here with people like this running the show?

    Personally, I think ALL of the supes (and Dan Field) should be sued to recover whatever we can, most of them have assets as well.

    And FWIW, Mr. Willett did not demand the park or the dump and 4 Million Dollars. He simply said, the park or the dump, a straight across the board trade. I was there. I went to both the Salome and the Quartzsite meetings. Curiously enough, NONE of the Supervisors showed up, on the advice of Dan Field. (Mary Scott did drive through the parking lot in Quartzsite though.)

    I say we go after the assets of those that caused this mess, why should the residents and the visitors pay for the lies and mistakes of the politicians?

    But in this County, we go after patriots. It’s easier and the press releases are sexier when you jail people who are demanding accountability from their local elected and non-elected officials. So in a sense you are correct, we deserve this because we never seem to learn.

    Ron Paul 2012 or Police State Forever!!!!

  17. This one is for you Common Sense, pay particular attention around the 6:49 mark, all you have to do is substitute Country with County and you have the politicians here doing the exact same thing.

    First Greece, next stop La Paz County America, debt and destruction through financial instruments!

    8:43, this man sounds better than most Americans

    9:26 OMG spray paint. CAGE ‘EM!!!

    9:50 PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION. This is how you unphuck your COUNTY too!

    What it means when your COUNTY GOES BROKE!!!

    The road to serfdom…….


  18. Common Sense,
    Here’s Our Great Leader, Herr Gilbert saying the law doesn’t matter to him, he’ll arrest anyone for any damned reason he wants to…


    Ask Dana Stadler about this, he just spent ANOTHER night in jail. Why? Because he called Joe Winslow a piece of Sh!#, and Herr Gilbert charged him with disorderly conduct and two other charges, just for telling a screwed up local politician what he thought of him. Is that illegal in your book too?

    Here’s the real Joe Winslow…

    If that isn’t a piece of chit, I don’t know what is!

  19. Here’s the story of your enslavement

  20. Yo Roth

    You gonna get tagged as a Patriot by America if you keep this up! Not in La Paz County……

    Just a small warning, better stop before Dilbert hit ya with the stun gun!!!! AARGHHHHH

  21. You’re right. We’ve already captured them on camera, Schultz, Patterson and Dilbert taze a bro in Councilman Jerry Lukasson’s RV Park, probably for not paying his electric on time.

    It looked like they all got their jollies!

  22. My attitude is, let ’em bully all they want now, here’s what’s going to happen to most police and fire and government employees in La Paz County…. in the very near future. I feel sorry for those who thought their title, or badge gave them their “power”.


    I know there’s a pitch at the end, but if that doesn’t interest you, the first 3/4’s of it is most definitely worth listening to, especially if your standard of living depends on the continuation of this soon to collapse system…

  23. Mr. Roth, it’s unfortunate you’re the kind of person who lumps people into a certain category. Just because you’ve had bad experiences with some cops, you APPEAR to believe all cops are bullies and power hungry, just looking for some innocent citizens to screw over. Now you include firefighters in that group. Who’s next, paramedics, EMTs, nurses, doctors, etc?

  24. Are you the pot calling the kettle black?

    I don’t believe ALL cops are bad, I’ve never ever said that. I just don’t like BAD cops!

    You are totally missing the point of my link to that article. I posted it because of bullies like Gilbert and his hired thugs. Some day all bad cops are going to wake up and find that all of those years of imprisoning, ticketing, and harassing their fellow human beings for a buck, that that buck ain’t worth a damned dime! Do you think their fellow citizens will help them? Some will, but most won’t! Most people will remind them of all the times they messed up someones life because “they were simply doing their job”, and I don’t think the average Joe Blow is going to be too nice about it either.

    The ARTICLE, NOT MICHAEL ROTH, talks about firemen and other government employees. What’s wrong with you???

    I guess you are the kind of person that judges people without thinking… OR, you are on the receiving end of this failed system that is ending and the truth just scares you too much. It’s traumatic to you and that is why you try to block it out by attacking people like me who are simply trying to wake people up!!!


    Vote Ron Paul 2012!

    Freedom in my lifetime!!!

    P.S. I lump YOU into The Establishment Category

  25. For those that say, “Stop Dreaming”

  26. More Truth!!! What will The Establishment call me now?


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