Power outage in Parker

2:32pm– KLPZ is off the air at this hour due to a power outage, along with other APS customers in the town of Parker.

3:16pm– No communication from APS, but some engineers are working on a power pole on 7th Street.

3:18pm– Power restored.


  1. Why does Parkerliveonline not have an article about the Rodeo heading to Parker South?? I think the folks would like to talk about this Debacle!

  2. What Rodeo? And isn’t Parker South an establishment scam?

  3. Yes Mr. Roth, South Park(er) is an establishment scam. And I agree, what rodeo? Why would the Town of Parker host a rodeo? I mean, who do we think we are, Havasu?? Oh, wait. Havasu has a rodeo. My bad.

    By the way, the CRIT is hosting the PIRA rodeo today at the CRIT rodeo grounds. I invite you and your Quartzsite friends out for the fun. You won’t read about it on parkerlive because they support the South Park(er) fantasy rodeo. Notice that it is not mentioned in the “Upcoming Events” section to the right. The “Last Medium of Freedom” seems to have become the “Last Modicum of Mediocracy”.


  4. Lost in La Paz— Would you like me to de-register your account? You don’t like the site, evidently. Let me know.

  5. John, don’t be a buzz kill

  6. I see Quartzsite had a parade today, welcoming back all the snowbirds? To what, a joke of a police department?

  7. Just for the record the arrest of Jennifer Jones the other night was just wrong. Roth have you thought of running for a seat on qtz town?

  8. No, I avoid Nazi politics

  9. By the way, for the record: KLPZ ran the Indian Rodeo heavily all week long. The ‘Upcoming Events’ section may have been an oversight, but anybody who listens to 1380am would have known how often it got mentioned.

    LILP- My offer stands.

  10. LILP, without you I’m the only resistance

    anotheronebitestit, why do you care?

  11. John, your “offer”? What was it again, you take your ball and go home?? Or is that what you want me to do? I didn’t offer a bit of criticism. Just a bit of the facts as I see them on this site. You get a car crash on this site less than 3 hours after it happens this morning and yet NO discussion about a Town of Parker historical, cultural tradition that is being highjacked to the establishments remote hideaway and NOTHING. If I didn’t like your site I wouldn’t be here, and I do believe I have praised the work you have done here before. Do you realize that the new fairgrounds, rodeo grounds and county maintenance building are ALL on LEASED BLM land? YUP, there is barely over 650 acres of private land in South Park(er). Now ask around. Who owns that land? Who benefits from the premature development? A $2 million + water system? REALLY? Who paid for that? I believe water rates in Town rose quite a bite for that little endeavor. I submitted a bit of my observation as to the position of the editorial posture of Parkerliveonline and your first response is a voluntary censorship. Get it? CENSORSHIP!!! “Last medium of FREEDOM”???? If you have a copy of the Constitution please read it again. It doesn’t just cover YOUR free speech. You are doing a great job on the site but believe that, as in all media, PLOL tends to be a bit skewed.

  12. It just simply isn’t true. I can tell you this honestly: I have no bias one way or the other (I haven’t been here long enough to form such biases). It was a simple oversight on the site, and as for ‘Last Medium of Freedom’ (which is the motto of KLPZ radio), the announcement was made all week long by Keith, who was especially interested because he did rodeos for years.

    Be ye not so quick to jump to conclusions sir. Peace. 🙂

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