George Nault to retire within weeks

George Nault is to retire after almost 20 years as the La Paz County Assessor.

He issued this announcement to Parker Live this morning:

I would like to take this opportunity to announce my retirement from the office of La Paz County Assessor, effective the first of the year.

I would like to thank my staff for their outstanding professionalism and dedication.

I would also like to thank the La Paz County voters for showing their support and trust in me throughout the years.

It has been a tremendous honor and privilege to serve you.

George Nault
La Paz County Assessor

The procedure will be that the Board of Supervisors must appoint a replacement at their next regularly scheduled meeting, which will be December 21st. The board can appoint whoever they decide to, but the custom is to appoint the Chief Deputy in the office, which in this case is Sharon Schuler.

Nault reportedly wants to leave the Assessor’s Office in the hands of someone in his office who will then be an incumbent in the next election (November 2012).

Nault, who owns the Ocotillo Lodge in Bouse, AZ where he lives, has been a longtime contributor to KLPZ 1380am on Thursday mornings with County Recorder Shelly Baker. As the county’s ‘tax man’, he hasn’t always made everybody happy. But even his critics have been heard to say that they respect his long-term commitment to the county and his record of involvement representing his office in Parker and in Phoenix. Over the past year, Nault has overseen the process of converting the records and maps his office uses from paper-based to computer-based.

His replacement will take over at the beginning of January.


  1. This seems a little suspicious. To me anyway. La Paz elected official resigns almost a year before elections. Didn’t our last Treasurer do that? hmmmm

  2. Incumbent normally wins???

  3. Right! Another way to get who you want in office.

  4. YEAH Establishment!!!


  5. He got the word that I am going to run

  6. Wow are you really that full of yourself, Squeak? He beat you last time, what makes you think he would be afraid of you running this time?
    And the rest of you, what could be wrong with supporting someone that has over 20 years experience?

  7. I’d rather have someone with NO EXPERIENCE at stealing from one group and giving to another. Starting from ground zero is better than improving the shitstem you have now, imho.

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