Quartzsite’s Jennifer Jones arrested Friday

Quartzsite newspaper publisher and activist Jennifer Jones was arrested on Friday at the town’s Post Office.

The arrest was for the charge of Tampering with a Witness, and apparently stems from another case involving a woman called Denise Florian, who reportedly moved to Quartzsite recently. Jones says that Florian is the victim in a case against Dana Stadler, whom Florian accuses of touching her inappropriately. Jones says she asked Florian a question about the case recently for her newspaper, and was arrested as a direct result of asking such questions.

Justice of the Peace Karen Slaughter held a bail hearing for Jones Saturday, and set bail for $10,000. When Jones, appearing from the La Paz County Jail via videoconference, objected to the amount of bail on the basis that she had appeared at every court hearing she ever had and thus presented no flight risk, Slaughter replied that the victim in the case had stated that she feared for her life. Jones contends there is no evidence to support that statement, and plans to appeal the bail amount today.

When Parker Live spoke with Jones in jail on Saturday evening, she said many in the community had rallied to raise the bail money, and she expected to be released within a few hours. She believes these charges are just the latest in the ongoing political drama in Quartzsite, and cites the fact that almost all previous charges against her have been eventually dropped.


  1. Step One: Abolish Quartzsite Police Department and let the Sheriff patrol Quartzsite.

    Step Two: Dis-incorporate Quartzsite and get our freedoms back

    Step Three: PROSPERITY!

  2. Thumbs up for Roth and Lost! You can only get rid of a vampire by using a wooden stake. You can only get rid of abusive government by taking away its money.

  3. We need to get rid of Chief Gilbert and his brown nosed officers. Javier, Jim, Fabby and Paterson. Get a new police chief from outside of AZ one that will honor the badge and put the q8 back to work. The town manager and that flock need to go too. Just wait till election in 2012 things will change down there and Jeff will be hating life. I heard the officer camped outside a building Jones was inside of and waited for her to come out to arrest her.

  4. You heard wrong. She got arrested INSIDE the Post Office.

    Also, today ALL charges against Jennifer were dropped. She’s out $1000.00 for what she had to pay her bailbondswoman, and for what?

    If we simply fire Gilbert, we’ll get another person who thinks they’re the biggest swinging dick. NOTHING WILL CHANGE!


    DO IT NOW!!! The economic depression that’s upon us is going to get worse, we’re only in the beginning innings of what is going to be an all out economic collapse. and we’ll have to do this eventually anyway!!!

  5. Does the Town of Quartzsite even HAVE public meetings anymore??

  6. Yo Roth I think you should start referring to Gilbert as “Tojo”, may be the most accurate representation.

  7. Quartzsite Public Meetings are nothing but a formality. They have them to show their sycophants how great they are. Nobody can ask any questions. And if you dare exercise your God given rights, you’ll get arrested, jailed, tried in the court shitstem! Amerika! Ain’t it great! USA USA USA!!!

    Tojo, I like it. #### ####

    Please…! -JW

  8. C’mon, John, the penalty for treason is hanging. Everybody knows that!

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