Guns FX is open for business

Yesterday, Parker Live reported that a local gun store had been paid a visit by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

We spoke with the owner of Guns FX today and he is open for business as normal.


  1. Had the privilege of watching Attorney General Holder lie in a congresssional hearing all day. I can assure you that the ATF is going to be doing all they can to blame the guns in Mexico on border gun stores to try to deflect attention to the Fast and Furious fiasco. They are trying to find as many scape goats as they can. FREEDOM!! Brought to you from the ATF, the same folks that provided us with Ruby Ridge and Waco!!!

  2. Your government loves you. Nobody would stage an event to con you out of owning guns, right?

  3. We’re freaking doomed!

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