Attorney General puts Quartzsite Council under its oversight for one year

Attorney General Press Release

Attorney General Tom Horne has found evidence that the Quartzsite Town Council has violated Arizona’s Open Meeting Laws (A.R.S. §§ 38-431 et. seq.) in connection with the conduct of Town Council meetings and dealings with a member of the public.

In a letter to the Quartzsite Town Attorney, Horne notes that on June 28, 2011, while addressing the Council, Quartzsite resident Jennifer Jones was removed from the meeting by a vote of the council. She had turned her back on the council and was addressing the audience, which the council reasonably could object to. Public bodies can eject members of the public for disruptive conduct, but they must first give a warning, which the council failed to do.

The second violation occurred on July 10, 2011 in which the Council convened an emergency meeting on at the Town Hall to discuss disruptions during previous meetings. The Council locked the doors to the meeting room and did not allow any member of the public to attend its meeting. Excluding the public from this meeting violated the Open Meeting Law.

In the third and related violation, the Attorney General notes that the Council did not fully comply with the posting requirements for emergency meetings. As of December 9, 2011, the minutes of the emergency meeting were not posted on the Town website.

The final violation involves the failure to comply with posting requirements for Notices and Minutes.

The Council did not post minutes for the July 10, 2011 emergency meeting. In addition, the Council failed to post minutes for a number of its meetings labeled as “work sessions.”

As a remedy, Horne is recommending that:

  • The Council will discuss the concerns listed in this letter with its legal counsel in open session during a properly noticed public meeting.
  • Each member of the Council and staff will participate in a training session with counsel from the League of Arizona Cities and Towns regarding the requirements of the Open Meeting Laws.
  • The Council will be subject to oversight by the Attorney General’s Office for a period of twelve months.

A copy of the letter to the Town is attached.


  1. With all of the force of a pillow fight the AG responds, who cares.

    What about the wanton civil rights violations that happen on a daily basis here?

    I forgot, we don’t have Constitutional rights any longer, just rights doled out by the establishment.

    What’s even more tragic is the rest of the county is under the same rule but is too afraid, or too ignorant, or too apathetic to try and do something about it!

  2. Apathetic is the word. Folks move to La Paz County to hide. Wow, Horne taught the Quartzsite illuminati a lesson!! I can hear the laughing from behind the closed doors of their latest illegal meeting. So what does “oversight” mean in this case anyway? AG gonna have a rep at each meeting or they just gonna review the Youtube videos from citizens as they get posted!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Another win for the Council and their embezzeling ways.

  3. The thing about going somewhere to hide, no matter where you go, there you are!!! You get the government you deserve folks.

    If you ever wonder why your county or country is going to hell, or maybe just isn’t what it used to be, maybe it’s YOU!

    BTW, about a dozen local dissidents showed up for their monthly court appearances and Brannon phoned it in “sick”. He’s sssick alright. I guess the tyranny is fine as long as it’s not happening to you…

  4. Now, Everybody Knows….

  5. To LILP and anyone else that refuses to compromise their principles….

  6. It’s about dang time, now lets get the same agency that investigated Sheriff Joe to investigate Jeffy.

  7. Methinks you love and trust gubermint too much

  8. I don’t care what you think Roth. YOU DON’T know me.

  9. And it sounds like I don’t want to either. BTW, why did you ask me the other day if I ever considered running for Q Town Council, why do you care what I think about doing or not doing?

  10. You want to make all these changes in the government which I agree are very much needed, so why not be a part of it and make those changes? Don’t you think you be involved in that way?

  11. First off I don’t want to make changes in government, I’d like to see changes in the minds of the sheeple. Government IS the problem and the only way it’s going to get fixed is when people wake up. If you think we’re going to fix the mess we’re in by “fixing” government, you’ve already lost dudette! (Before you’ve even started! Story of your life???)

    Secondly, I have been involved. You been living under a rock?

  12. There is noting wrong with our government with its Constitution, Bill of Right, and Legal System. The problem lies within the weak minded followers that keep voting back into office the very people that are using their power of office to deny every citizen their rights and protections under the “Laws of the Land.”

    All one has to do is look to Quartzsite, Arizona and then follow up with the useless County Attorney Sam Vederman, Sheriff Don Lowery, then right up to Attorney General Ton Horne, ending with our own Governor who each refused to do their sworn duties under Arizona State and U.S. Federal Laws! We are long overdue in this county to conduct a Nation wide clean sweep of all Government Officials until NO ONE has any power to corrupt! If they are in office, VOTE THEM OUT!

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