Emails from Afghanistan

In early December, the Parker area community sent dozens of care packages to Afghanistan in the Christmas for the Troops program. These emails were received since the packages arrived in the war zone. We’ll add any others that come in below.

Hello everyone!

My name is 1SG Darryl Harris and I am currently away from home right now on deployment with the US Army in Afghanistan. I received your care package in the mail today and it was wonderful and I thank you very much! I have served this country for over 28 years and each time I get one of these boxes it makes me feel better about what I do and why I do it.

It is also really good to see the smiles on the faces of the young soldiers that serve under me, most of whom have never been so far away from home, family and friends and are in a combat zone for the first time. When they get one of these packages from someone they do not even know, a smile comes out of nowhere and it’s just a great feeling.

I think what gets me most is that someone truly cares and it’s not just my family and friends, which makes it even more special. So again, thanks for taking the time – I know your time is important – most of all for caring about the service members scattered all over the world doing what we do to keep the world and especially America safe. That’s all the motivation I need to continue on each and every day!

Thank you so much.

1SG Darryl T Harris

On behalf of myself, TSgt Andrea Vail and TSgt Stacie Smith, we want to say THANK YOU!!! We really appreciate the boxes that the Parker Lions Club sent and we shared them with others that are deployed here as well. The contents will definitely be used and it was extremely thoughtful. Please pass along our THANK YOU!!!!

MSgt Roni Moore

I would like to thank you and the community for the package that was sent to me and my soldiers. I hope you and yours enjoy the holidays.

P.S. Just a little info on how care packages are handled as soon as we receive them. As the mail room hands it over to us, regardless of who it’s for, we pretty much start fighting for it and tear the box open in mid-air and dive in like if it were a pinata…lol

Happy Holiday

Hello and Merry Christmas to Parker!

Today I received a care package from you with lots of goodies and I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. My box had 3 Monster drinks along with many other items-and I was just about to go get a cup of coffee for a pick me up. (It was one of those afternoons!) Needless to say, the Monster came in really handy at just the right time.

I am even more grateful for the Christmas card from Juan. I put it up in my office next to the ones from my kids. Please let him know that it is much appreciated.

We get so busy with our work here sometimes that it is easy to forget that we are actually in a war zone and that our fellow countrymen (and women) back home are supporting us. Thank you all who contributed not only for the goodies, but for the reminder of life back home.

Thank you very much.

Michael Scott

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  1. I pray for the day when Americans finally wake up to the reality of these insane wars, not what’s being reported on the teevee…

    P.S. Neocons suck!

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