Brannan reassigns cases to special prosecutor

In response to assertions that the Quartzsite Town Attorney Martin Brannan is behind a controversial partisan website, Brannan today claimed that the ‘Quartzsite Bagger’ is not him.

Nevertheless, Brannan avoided going to court about it by reassigning several cases to a special prosecutor after the clients’ attorney Michael Frame filed a motion asking the court to remove Brannan for conflict of interest last week.

Brannan’s press release states:

“Despite reports to the contrary, the so-called Quartzsite Bagger is not the Quartzsite Town Attorney or any other elected or appointed officer of the Town of Quartzsite. The opinions expressed on do not represent the views of any elected or appointed officer of the Town of Quartzsite. No elected or appointed officer of the Town of Quartzsite profits in any way from the sale of merchandise by Cafe Press related to the “Quartzsite Bagger” blog.

“Notwithstanding this reality, in order for the Town Attorney and other town officers to concentrate on the business of the town without the distraction this “controversy” appears to have been designed to create, the cases involving self-styled activists Ed Foster, Jennifer Jones, Michael Roth, Dana Stadler and Doug Gilford are being assigned to a special prosecutor.”


  1. Martin E. Brannan is the employee for the Town of Quartzsite, Arizona. One of his duties is to protect the interest of the Town, Council, and appointed town employees. As such it is in his best interest to protect even to the point of distorting, misguiding, and out right fracture the truth to protect his clients. After all he is an attorney, for now anyway.

    Before Judge Ford of the Quartzsite Town Court, Martin E. Brannan clamed that he had yet to received (as of Wednesdays court) the Motion to Recuse and Judge Ford give him 30 days to respond to the Motion submitted by Michael Frame the attorney for Mayor Ed Foster, Jennifer Jade Jones, and Michael Roth. This is the third time that Martin E. Brannan has been behind delays in their trials and now more delays because of finding another attorney for the Town of Quartzsite. Lets not forget the failed “Brady Discover” demanded by the Defense!

    I find it hard to believe that the “Bagger” web site is a “Partisan” web site while people like Mayor Ed Foster are “self-styled activists” in Martin E. Brannan’s eyes. In a telephone interview with KSWT News 13 (links below) Brannan states that he suffers from PTSD (without us know if he is a danger to the public like Councilman Joe Winslow stated under oath) and we must ask if he is of sound mind to act an a fair minded Prosecutor for the Town of Quartzsite.

    With the assignment of a new Prosecutor(s) for the Town of Quartzsite are we going to find all criminal charges dismissed with “Prejudice again?” One thing is for sure, this will add to the over burden budget for the Town of Quartzsite in litigation cost for both the failed Criminal Trials and the upcoming Civil Court trials in both Arizona State and U.S. Federal Courts!

    Listen to the KSWT News 13 interview with Martin E. Brannan. He sounds very nervous and uneasy as he tries to make his case, almost like a guilty man trying to throw off an investigator during an interrogation. Make up our own mind.

    Motion to Recuse
    Motion to Recuse
    Demand Cease & Desist

    Film at 11:
    KSWT News 13 Brannan

    PS: You can find other interesting videos, documents, and facts on this web site. Enjoy!

  2. Paul,
    I’m not getting a link to News 13, and who is judge Ford???

  3. Michael,

    Thank you for the heads up, the Quartzsite Judge is Lawrence C. King who by the way was hired without any public notice for the job when Sgt Frausto’s wife quite under controversy.

    Another point to cover related to Martin E Brannan is with Mayor Foster’s complaint with the Bar of Arizona that you can read from the following link below. Just look for the title “Complaint – AZ Bar.” You will find other interesting letters and document to read as well on this page and others!

    Ask yourself, what is Town Attorney Martin E. Brannan, Town Manager Alex Taft, Asst-Man Al Johnson, and Police Chief Jeff Gilbert SO AFRAID OF that will be found on the Towns, Employees, and Police computers?

  4. Michael,

    Go to this link:

    At the lower part of the page you will find the header “Film at11.” In the middle column you fill find the link “KSWT News 13 Brannan.” Just click on this and you will be able to hear Martin E. Brannan in his own words and the reporters additional update of information.

    On thing I would like to say to Mr. Martin E. Brannan, “Thanks for your service to our Country”! On a sad note, it is a shame he forgot his “Oat of Office” to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Does Police Chief Jeff Gilbert ring a bell Mr. Brannan?

  5. If Brannon needed heart surgery, would he hire a doctor who suffers from PTSD, thereby standing with his band of brothers, as he believes taxpayers should stand with him? If Brannon boarded an airliner, would he be okay with a pilot suffering from PTSD? The judicial system is already corrupt enough. The last thing needed is more miscarriage of justice originating with combat-survivor guilt, trauma scars, episodes of indifference and detachment from reality, or uncontrollable recurrence of thoughts and images. Some people are compassionate, but all draw a line when it comes to positions of authority and specialized skill.

  6. Wait, Brannan has a heart?

  7. I know now what the extra pay checks are for coming out of town pay roll, to pay for law suits from Martin’s stupidity. Hope Alex is still smiling over hiring him on.

  8. How do you know that anotheronebitestit?

    And what do you mean anyway Mr. confusnik?

    Enquiring minds want to know….

  9. anotheronebitesit

    Roth you need to lighten up, it was a joking statement. And for the 100th time I’m nor a Mr. You @#$$(

  10. whatever Mr. hide behind a skirt!

  11. Anotherone,

    It is said to wake a mile in another mans moccasins before you pass judgment. Have you studied the law, Constitution of the United States, and your Bill of Rights Anotherone? If you have don’t you think you too would become unhinged and upset when someone in a police uniformed, armed with a weapon, pepper spray, and Taser threw you into handcuffs and hauled your butt to the La Paz County Bed & Breakfast without an arrest warrant or probable cause and just on the orders of Police Chief Jeff Gilbert?

    I personally know that evidence was provide to the La Paz Attorneys office that any other Prosecutor would have looked at and move to dismiss the charges, as did the Arizona Appellate Court when Mr. Michael Roth’s case was presented to them! Attorney Mr. Matthew Elias for the County of La Paz, Arizona tried to not take the case and was ordered by Sam Vederman to prosecute and later resigned his job after the trial.

    As of late Mr. Vederman has been refusing to Prosecute cases filed by the Quartzsite Police Department and Police Chief Jeff Gilbert! The latest being the UNLAWFUL arrest of Jennifer Jade Jones without an “Arrest Warrant” while upon Federal Property. Even the Judge at the Quartzsite Court has been dropping charges right and left. Could the men that swore to “Protect & Defend” our Constitutional Rights starting to do their jobs after a long hiatus?

    The big question that still needs to be answered, “When will La Paz County follow the Laws of the Land and not the wishes of person friendships as they break the Law and not legally enforce it?”

  12. You’re wasting your time trying to educate the “girl” with the adam’s apple, Paul.

    Good effort though at waking up the others who might read your posts

  13. So, anotheronebitesit is Starr Bearcat?

  14. I don’t think so, I think it’s worse!

  15. Well, do tell. As you would say, inquiring minds want to know.

  16. It’s a Club Secret!

  17. It has been reported that Councilman Robert Kelly failed to join us into the New Year. As much as this man was alleged to be behind the problems coming from Town Hall, lets show some respect for his family and allow them the time to put him to rest.

  18. Another one bites it!

  19. At least Paul Staudt has enough class to display a proper sentiment. Roth and Jones in her blog reminds me of what fearmonger and self promoting Senator Joseph McCarthy was once asked: “Senator, have you no decency?” Apparently not.

  20. WTF are you talking about?

  21. Which one are you azdesertdiva? 1,2 or 3

  22. azdesertdiva,

    I lost a former partner in blue and a cousin in the line of duty. Police Chief Jeff Gilbert had done nothing IMHO but drags their sacrifices in life past the moment of their deaths through the mud and pissed on their graves every time he pins that badge on his chest or belt!

    I’ll share my sentiment with you and be damn the respect! Councilman Kelly’s family should be given the respect due a lost loved family member no matter what he has done to Quartzsite to place it into deep bankruptcy and throw every town employee into the unemployment line. Have you given any though to just where they are going to get another job after Kelly and the other members of the Town Council under the directions of Town Manager Alex Taft and Asst-Manager Al Johnson have almost single handedly wiped out the winter business and venders?

    How dare you use the name and actions of Senator Joseph McCarthy to describe Jade Jones and Michael Roth! Senator McCarthy never was the victim of any unlawful home invasion and searched without a Court Ordered Warrant! Nor was he stalked, subject to assault & battery, false arrest, false imprisonment, unlawful confiscation of legally owned weapons, violations of his Civil Rights like Jones and Roth. Senator McCarthy was out on a witch-hunt to seek out imagined demons that he felt were a threat to the United States of America.

    In Jones and Roth case, Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, Town Manager Alex Taft, Asst-Manager Al Johnson, and the Town Council members have been found in violations of the LAW! A perfect example was the Arizona Appellate Courts Ruling on Arizona v. Roth. Lets not forget the statement of criminal behavior of Police Chief Jeff Gilbert by 10 members of his own police department.

    I don’t want to see anyone else escape Federal Prison time like Robert Kelly has done. I want to see each one of them after a fair trial with every law closely followed and every Civil Right insure, spend the rest of their lives in a 7×8 damp, musty, forgotten prison cell awaiting Bubba’s beckoning call while they revisit each and every thing they did to get their “Room with a view”!

    View for yourself and get a good read too!

  23. Don’t worry Paul, where Bob Kelly is will be worse than prison!

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