Parker 425 Downtown Experience Gets Copper Chopper Back

Well friends, I just received an email from R-Entertainment and the Arizona Centennial Commission. After much consideration, the commission has thought it best that the Arizona Centennial Copper Chopper attend our Downtown Experience Event on February 2.

Please join me in thanking the Arizona Centennial Commission and R-Entertainment for their gracious reconsideration of the appearance of the Copper Chopper.

The Arizona Centennial Copper Chopper is the Official State Mascot of the Statehood Celebration. The first time I saw it, I fell in love with it. The gentleman designing the masterpiece is Paul Yaffe. Every single thing about this machine is exquisit and expecially unique.  Please visit this timeline and story board on the building of the magnificent Arizona Centennial Copper Chopper!

This piece of art is going to be raffled off at the Best Fest in Phoenix on February 14. You will have the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket for $5.00 at our Downtown Experience.

Our own Shelly Rhode is a finalist in the drawing. Wouldn’t it be great to have two from Parker in the finals? Even better to have someone from Parker win it?


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