Local Parker resident wins Copper Chopper

Shelly Rhode, a Parker local, is the lucky winner of the Arizona Centennial ‘Copper Chopper’, designed and built by world-renowned custom motorcycle builder (and Arizona resident) Paul Yaffe.

The bike has a 100-cubic-inch engine, a cubic inch for every year of Arizona’s statehood. The 100-horsepower engine has 100 foot-pounds of torque, a top speed of 125 miles per hour and does 0 to 60 in approximately 4.2 seconds.

Rhode said she didn’t think she was going to keep the bike:

“Hi John! Thank you. I am staying today and tonight and have an interview with Scott on Channel 3 tomorrow morning. It was absolutely surreal and amazing yesterday after winning. Paul Yaffe and Governor Brewer were awesome, it was simply a once in a lifetime experience! I have to sign a release and then they will give me the rest of the details. I think Paul would like to see it do some touring and one of the financial backers hopes it will find its way to the Centennial museum. Lots of options to consider.

Yaffe says the Copper Chopper would sell for at least $140,000, but adds, “I really don’t know how to value this bike, because it has become a piece of Arizona history.”

The Copper Chopper almost didn’t make it to Parker. The Arizona Centennial Commission pulled out of the Parker 425 Downtown Experience before the event, prompting Parker Tourism Director Mary Hamilton to write a scathing opinion piece here on Parker Live. Apparently this was enough to cause the Commission to reconsider, and they honored their commitment to be at the Downtown Experience February 2nd. Hamilton says, however, that the Chopper being in Parker didn’t help Shelly win; she was already in the drawing, having entered in Prescott, AZ.

Parker Live wishes Shelly congratulations on her big win.

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