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I won a gift certificate from KLPZ’s You Call it Friday contest for a free four-wheel alignment from Bradley Chevrolet in Parker. My Sable eats tires and I knew it needed an alignment.

I called and made an appointment and limped the Sable 30 miles to Parker. I surrendered the Sable at the service desk and was banished to the waiting room. A service tech appeared a minute later and gave me a funny look.

“Did you know your tires are all worn out?”

“Is that why that thing travels like a three-legged horse?”

“More than likely!”

“Let’s have a look.”

He led me across a cement floor so smooth I thought about taking off my shoes and sock-skating. Sure enough, the tires showed distinctive gray and black scallop patterns.

“Wow, these are really cupped. I’m surprised I made it up here.”

I live in Bouse and park on desert sand so the tires are evenly covered with dust. Tires are a uniform gray, as are both dogs and my carpeting. The scallop design would have been pretty — had it not been on my tires.

So much for my “free” auto service.

I tip-toed the car over to State Line Tire and bought four brand new, furry tires. I had a coupon, that helped, but now my bank account was lighter by some $400.

Back to Bradley for an oil change — I had another coupon — and, finally, the much-needed alignment.

From the waiting room I saw the Sable flash by, stop, and a smiling service tech climbed out.

I rushed outside. “How’s that thing travel now?”

“A lot better than it did.”

Thank you Bradley Chevrolet, State Line Tire and KLPZ. You probably saved me and the Sable from landing in a ditch!

# # #

Cate Mueller is a web designer, editor, reporter and photographer in Bouse, Arizona. To visit her website, click here.

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