Feeding Parker #37: Cherry Compote

All gone!  UPDATE: We’ve heard that all the buckets of cherry compote are gone. Thanks, and enjoy the cherry pie that will no doubt be served around Parker for months!

Once in a while, some food gets stranded in Parker in transit, when a truck carrying it gets in an accident nearby. On days like that, people can sometimes avail themselves at no charge of a portion of the loot.

This is one of those days: A Toe Truck will have 1000, free, 30-pound buckets of industrial-grade cherry compote (5 parts cherry, 1 part sugar) available today for the public to pick up until around 3 p.m. The loot will be located in a vacant lot near the intersection of 6th Street and Geronimo Avenue in Parker.

Please ensure that you have a way to properly store your bucket of cherry compote (they were being transported in a refrigerated truck, so it’s likely that they will need to be refrigerated).

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