Suspects arrested for possession of meth

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On February 26th 2013, a Deputy from the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop on Highway 72 outside of Vicksburg. During the stop, the occupants of the vehicle, Harry Patch and Eduardo Reyna, were found to be in possession of approximately 2 pounds of methamphetamine and 2 ½ pounds of marijuana. These illegal drugs were destined for the Town of Parker (and surrounding area) for further distribution. It is estimated that the monetary value of the contraband was approximately $15,000. Once broken down and sold in smaller quantities, the street value for this could be close to $80,000.

In further follow up, the La Paz County Narcotics Task Force has determined that several local dealers felt an immediate financial impact from this arrest since thousands of “drug dollars” had already been fronted to individuals pending the arrival of the product that is now secured by Law Enforcement.

Both Harry Patch and Eduardo Reyna were on Federal Parole for drug related offenses at the time of the incident and are currently in custody at the La Paz County Detention Facility with a bond of $50,000 each.

Remember, if you have information regarding any illegal activity, please report it to your local law enforcement agency or contact the Task Force directly at (928) 669-6945.

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